God/Allah/Yahweh Is Watching.

God/Allah/Yahweh Is Watching. God/Allah/Yahweh wants to see his Warriors of the Light put forth and enforce the principles of Truth, Rule of Law, and Justice. We are seeing the Truth come out, slowly but surely. We are not seeing the Rule of Law, or Justice yet. The United States of America, has always held the principles of God/Allah/Yahweh, and has always been the Light for the world to see and copy. The forces of Good and Evil are battling all around the world, and it is time for the Warriors of the Light, to do battle against the Forces of the Dark. Evil is trying to destroy this world and keep the People of this world from progressing in the ways and principles of God/Allah/Yahweh. The easiest way for Evil to win is for the People to do nothing, and just ignore everything until it is too late. The systems of law and the Rule of Law have allowed the development of today’s civilization. The Evil among us want to destroy history and Truth, and put forth lies and deceptions and give an easy path to the people. The Path of Righteousness is not easy and Evil tempts us so we will fail. Reading and Writing are very important. Math and Science are very important. History and Religion are very important. Learning Right from Wrong is the one of the hardest things for us, because we also have to learn that some of the things we have been taught by others are Wrong. God/Allah/Yahweh wants us to become intelligent beings able to be allowed into Heaven, where he will give us the gifts he has promised. God/Allah/Yahweh sends messengers/teachers to instruct us and guide us in our development. God/Allah/Yahweh gave us the foundations of civilization, based upon his simple laws. The time has come for the Warriors of God to realize the battle is within each and every one of us. The battle to improve ourselves and make ourselves worthy in the eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh. The battle to make, or in the United States of America keep, the systems that allow civilization and progress to move forward for generations to come. The eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh are watching, and soon the Day of Judgement with his arrival in person. God/Allah/Yahweh Guide You To Heaven, Or If You Are Evil, Guide You To His Judgement And Wrath.

God/Allah/Yahweh Help The United States Of America Find Her Way Back To Him And The Systems He Created.


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