Stop Being An Idiot.

Stop Being An Idiot. The American People and US President Trump need to stop believing the CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, and HHS, and ask the hard questions of these ‘Healthcare Professionals’ . Why is the United States of America showing the Highest cases and deaths in the world? Why are the numbers around the world still so low, compared to the Common Flu? Why are American Physicians at odds with the FDA and HHS, and even suing them? Why is science being ignored by the CDC, FDA, FDA, and HHS, in regards to HCQ (hydroxychloroquine)? Why are the American People being put into Panic, Isolation, requiring masks and social distancing, requiring the closure of American Businesses and Social Activities, when the numbers prove that Covid-19 is less contagious than the Common Flu? Why are the American People being Lied to, and why is US President Trump believing it too?

US President Donald Trump, needs to personally question the data and advice of his ‘Healthcare Professionals’, because the American Physicians, who actually treat patients, are fighting for themselves and their patients, in direct opposition to their supposed expertise. The American Physicians say that HCQ should be released to them, and even say that it should be made over the counter for all the American People because it is that safe, and what other countries in the world do. Is the World wrong, and the US Healthcare Professionals right? According to the numbers, it is the exact opposite, and the American Physicians see this, and are trying to bring it to the public’s attention. They have been censored, and we are probably censored too.

We have the numbers, and the reports, and the data shows that the United States of America is experiencing gross negligence and a biological attack. The ‘Healthcare Professionals’ are blaming the American People for the spread of Covid-19, and saying lockdowns and shutdowns will allow it to be contained. They say it is twice as contagious as the Common Flu, and more than twice as deadly. Can we contain the Common Flu? The answer is NO. Can we contain Covid-19? The answer is NO. The ‘US Healthcare Professionals’ say there is no treatment or preventative, and they are lying. There own reports show this.


US President Donald Trump, you need to question them, and fire them. You need to rescind the Covid-19 National Pandemic, because the US Healthcare System, can handle the cases and there is a preventative and treatment that works, and will save the lives of the American People safely. US President Trump, the American People love you and you have done so much for US, but in this, you are being taken for a fool and made to look like an Idiot. Look at the Data and Science, and question your ‘Healthcare Professionals’.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.