Time To Declare War On Mexico???

Time To Declare War On Mexico??? An Ally does NOT allow Foreign Migrant Armies to pass through their country and invade an Ally country. Has Mexico asked for US Military assistance to stop these armies? Has Mexico displayed any efforts to stop these migrant armies?


The allowing of these armies to reach the US border is an act of WAR. Mexico has done nothing but help these armies reach our border. The time has come to STOP these invaders. If the United States must declare War on Mexico, then so be it. Asylum laws state that migrants are to claim Asylum at the first safe country, so how are they being allowed to pass through Mexico and claim Asylum at the US border?



The time has come for the United States to realize that this an invasion at our border, being allowed and facilitated with the aid of the Mexican Government. It is time for the United States Congress to issue a Declaration of War against our Ally Mexico for failure to be an Ally by allowing Armies of migrants to pass through their territory and invade the United States. We have Disease, Crime, Drugs, Poverty, Smugglers, Swindlers, and possibly Terrorists crossing into our country through Mexico.


Drug smuggling


Women and children are no longer to be considered innocents. The times have changed, with various cultures now training women and children to be soldiers and criminals. The United States has no way of knowing if women and children are trained except through extended observation. Due to immigration and asylum laws, this is not possible and poses a grave threat to national security and the citizens of the United States. The Enemies of the United States are using the loopholes in US Immigration Policies the same as many immigrants and asylum seekers. The regulations regarding the screening of those crossing our southern border must begin to identify the Enemies of the United States and stop them from being able to harm those residing in our country.