We Have The Solution.

We Have The Solution. What does Humanity do when a herd of animals becomes too large and threatens to deplete resources of the area? They thin out the herd. The problems Humanity claims are causing climate change, are due to the unsustainable growth of the Humanity herd. The Humanity herd was fine at about 5-6 billion people, but beyond that, it started to stress out the ecosystem of the Earth. The Humanity herd is about to be destroyed again, by a magnetic pole shift. Atlantis was the most advanced society on Earth last time. The volcanoes, earthquakes, warming weather, severe weather, and global surface shifts, are all results of an imminent magnetic pole shift.

When the poles shift, the surface of the Earth also shifts. The water of the oceans tends to stay in place, so most of the surface of the Earth will end up under water for a time great enough to destroy a large percent of life on Earth. The Cities in the high mountains, and the ships like Noah’s Ark, were all used last time to save parts of Humanity. Nature has a way of surviving, but catastrophic events have destroyed many societies and also species. The prophecies and predictions, along with the Holy Texts, are meant to allow us to prepare for such events, once the stated signs begin to appear. We have grown to almost 8 billion people, and most of the population communicates with each other one way or another. We have global communications, data, financial, scientific, and economical systems, and we are still primitive and unable to predict or prepare for celestial events that affect our entire world.

We have people in orbit and various satellites, but all the support facilities are on earth. What happens when most of the surface has shifted and the waters have flooded the lands? We know from experience, that the EVIL, Rich, and Powerful, will save themselves and their faithful servants, while letting the general population suffer and die. God-Allah-Yahweh knows this well, and has prepared a plan because Humanity is still not advanced enough to save all its people. God-Allah-Yahweh is going to save those who are faithful and true, and let the EVIL perish with their followers. The Judgement Day is about to arrive. Repent from your EVIL ways and embrace the Commandments-Laws-Covenants that God-Allah-Yahweh gave us to provide the Path to Righteousness.

God-Allah-Yahweh is so much more advanced than his creation, Humanity. God-Allah-Yahweh engineered this world for his experiment. We are still waiting to hear from God-Allah-Yahweh about the reasons and expected conclusions. Do you know that we are constantly being watched, and that our souls, are being recorded and stored until the end of this experiment. We have life and death, but that may just be an illusion. We have pain and suffering, but that too may just be an illusion. We have infection, disease, cancer, parasites, and accidents, but that too may just be an illusion. Do you know that death, disease, cancer, aging, pain, and other sufferings, are all to be overcome after the Great Judgement Day? Do you know that God-Allah-Yahweh and the Kingdom of Heaven, are real? Do you know that their science and technology are so far advanced that death, disease, cancer, aging, pain, and other sufferings, have all been overcome for millions to billions of years?

It is time for Humanity to admit that it is but a race of primitive creatures that have limited intelligence, and needs a guiding hand and knowledge to advance. If the knowledge is destroyed, they are unable to recover it fast enough to be able to save themselves. The leaders and elite classes are using ignorance and deceptions to maintain control and power over the general population, instead of properly educating them so the race can advance more quickly. They are unable to emulate the technologies visiting them, even though they did try during world war 2.

Our next step in technology, is to make a field drive, that will allow vehicles to behave like photons, and lead us to efficient interstellar travel, and advance our stalled technological development. The field allows momentum to be overcome, because it envelopes the passengers. Right now you are traveling over 1000 miles per hour just standing. Faster than the speed of sound. When looked at from the center of the universe, you are traveling 1.3 million miles per hour. Propulsion and rocket propulsion can not carry enough fuel, and the passengers are susceptible to momentum because of the field they are in.

The entire universe displays disks, spirals, rings, circles, and they all indicate fields. Whether those fields are magnetic, electric, or gravitic, remains to be seen, or disclosed. The formations are unmistakable.

The research required to produce a field drive is necessary so we can expand out beyond earth and save our race if celestial events destroy life on Earth.



God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.