US House Of Representatives Needs To Learn The Law Of The Land.

US House Of Representatives Needs To Learn The Law Of The Land. The Speaker of the House has said that the US President can come in and testify on his own behalf. There are no listed charges against the President, and the rights of the President are being violated.

Here are the Transcripts of the two calls.



Here is the WhistleBlower Complaint.


Here is the law.

Have you read the Constitution of the United States of America? Here is a link to it:

Have you read the Bill of Rights? Here is a link to it:

Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a United States citizen? Here is a link to it:

Here are our articles regarding laws and violations of laws.

The US House Of Representatives is under the control of EVIL and CORRUPT Politicians who think they can Twist and Warp the US Constitution, US Bill of Rights, and Existing Laws and Regulations into anything that suits their EVIL purposes. God-Allah-Yahweh Is Back In The Minds And Hearts Of The American People, And The Army Of The Righteous Is Rising Around The World. The Ten Commandments Of God-Allah-Yahweh Were Given To The World And It Is By Them That You Are To Be Judged. The Commandment of THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR is going to seal the fate of many of the EVIL Ones, and here in the US they say SO HELP ME GOD, which also puts THOU SHALT NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD THY GOD IN VAIN into play. The EVIL and CORRUPT inside our US Government SHALL ANSWER for their SINS.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers. God-Allah-Yahweh Use Your Awesome Powers To Bring Justice To The EVIL So Your Children Can Become Righteous.