Election Tampering.

Election Tampering. Dominion Voting Systems interfered with the 2020 US Elections, using internal manipulation of Voter Ballots and Voter Tabulations through their Voting Software. The Servers need to be obtained, because it appears that the data manipulation and commands-algorithms came from them or through them.

Where is the server that was obtained from Frankfort, Germany? If it is verified that US Election machines, local servers, ballot machines, and tabulators, were connected to a server on foreign soil, and that US Election data could have been manipulated to rig-fix the US Elections, how can the US Elections be certified as fair and secure? If the US Election machines were updated and not re-certified, can they legally be used in an election? If the US Election machines were connected to the internet, is it legal or illegal to use them in an election? If the machines are set up for remote access, can they and were they, accessed and their data manipulated? We have been hearing of machines being reset-wiped clean, of data. We are hearing about USB thumb drives being used on machines, then going missing. We are hearing about local servers failing, being wiped out, and then going missing. If the servers can not be obtained and analyzed by computer forensics experts, to prove that ballots were not manipulated, changed, deleted, or switched, especially in areas where external analysis shows algorithms were used, then the US Elections from that area must be deemed illegal and-or fraudulent. This would require a brand new election, or the tossing out of that area’s election results, from the county, state, or federal election totals. Where is the Server from Frankfurt, Germany? Where are the Servers from Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia? If manipulation of the US Election machines and US Voting systems is confirmed, and preliminary evidence is pointing to it, than the results must be thrown out, and all those who the rigged-fixed data helped, must be judged the losers, or the entire US Election must be redone.

The US Election machines need to have all their logs and settings copied and their software should also be copied and analyzed to ensure that the machines were not accessed and-or manipulated, and that they were not hooked to the internet, before, during, or after the election. The video surveillance hard drives from all ballot counting locations needs to be seized and copied before it self overwrites. This will allow illegal actions such as massive ballot drops, denying monitor access, covering up viewing, placing ballots in bags for shredding, bringing external shredders to locations, etc, to be proved. The main servers for the building’s data systems can also be obtained to see data, ports, user access also. The EVIL always think that can get away with their crimes, and what we are seeing, is exactly what the ancient religious texts said we would. The Great Judgement Day is approaching, and God-Allah-Yahweh has all the records, and it is by those, that your Soul is weighed, and its destination determined.


God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.