Plot Against President Confirmed…

Plot Against President Confirmed… The Resistance has now made the fatal error of Confirming their existence and their Objectives. Treason and Sedition are serious High Crimes, and with the DOJ and the FBI abuses that are being Exposed right now, as well as Foreign Governments/Allied Governments coercing to Interfere in our Elections as well as Conspiring to Stop President Trump and His Administration from functioning, it is now Incumbent upon Military Intelligence and Military Justice Systems to Find and Stop these Traitors within our Systems and Nation, and to ensure others Outside our Nation are also Held Accountable. The Enemy has Declared War on the United States of America and Stated their Objective is Stopping the President of the United States of America and his Administration.

The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists have issued the Battle Cry and now it is time to Mobilize the Army of the Righteous. God/Allah/Yahweh has now Made the Light of Truth shine on the Evil Ones. Rule of Law and Equal Justice Under The Law, must now be Re-Established and Implemented. The Corruption MUST be Purged, and Our Constitutional Republic MUST be made to Function as Our Forefathers intended it to. This is no longer a Conspiracy Theory, but a True Conspiracy to Overthrow the Duly Elected President of the United States of America. These Traitors MUST be Found, Tried, Convicted, and Executed, as the Law of The Land Demands. God/Allah/Yahweh is exposing the Lies and Deceits of the Evil Ones, and it is Time for All Humans to Decide if they shall be Judged Good or Evil.

The Evil Ones have been saying that they are Good, and that the Righteous are Evil. God/Allah/Yahweh has just made the Evil Ones expose the Truth to their Lies and Deceits. The Corrupt Evil Ones inside the Government, took an Oath to the United States of America to Uphold the United States Constitution, and Most of Them Swore This To God/Allah/Yahweh also. Thou Shalt NOT use the Lord’s Name in Vain, also written as Thou Shalt Not Swear. God/Allah/Yahweh Appointed President Trump at this Time to Fulfill His Prophecies as He gave Them to His Prophets. The EndTimes are upon US, and Time is Running Out for Evil on this World. Pray to God/Allah/Yahweh that He Guide you to Righteousness before it is Too Late.

God/Allah/Yahweh Keep The Army Of The Righteous Safe And Protected, And Bring The Evil Ones To Justice According To Thy Will.