It Was A Set Up !!!

It Was A Set Up !!! All the new evidence points to a total and complete set up of President Trump. The Trump/Russia Collusion is about to be completely dead. The evidence is overwhelming against the Obama Administration. The FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dept, and Obama Whitehouse, all colluded to attempt to frame President Trump with the false Russia Collusion narrative. They all used the unverified and salacious Russia Dossier to spy on a Presidential Candidate, then President-Elect, and then finally on a United States President. They presented the dossier as verified to the FISA Court, and never stated that the Clinton Campaign and DNC were the ones who hired and paid for it. Further evidence is here: , , , and here are the various documents again.

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Download (PDF, 23.86MB)

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The American People deserve to see Rule of Law and Justice restored. If we do not see its restoration then we have lost and God/Allah/Yahweh will have to restore it. God Grant Us Your Justice, For The Corruption On Earth Must Be Purged.

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