FISA: Why Carter Page and NOT Paul Manafort ???

FISA: Why Carter Page and NOT Paul Manafort ??? We know about the Title 1 FISA on Carter Page, and we know that have nothing on him for there are No Charges, yet it was used to Spy on the Trump Campaign. Do we know if they took out a Title 1 FISA on Paul Manafort? Do we know if they took out a Title 1 FISA on General Flynn? There has been more evidence shown against Manafort and Flynn, as well as charges, but no Title 1 FISAs. It would appear that Carter Page, being former Military Intelligence, had a lot to do with obtaining FISA, yet Manafort and Flynn with their actual dealings with foreign powers, escaped scrutiny? Our Intelligence Agencies seem to be Incompetent and failing to actually protect the United States of America.

Spying on a Presidential Nominee, President-Elect, and President, appears to be very serious Crimes against the United States of America, yet our own agencies did it. The Corruption of the Obama Administration is highly evident now, yet interviews, investigations, and indictments, still seem far away. The US Military seems to be the only ones working to Protect and Serve our Great Nation, but are given far too little credit. US Military Intelligence has been on the Ball and we Thank them for all they do to keep US safe. God/Allah/Yahweh Bless The US Military And Keep Them Strong And Righteous. God/Allah/Yahweh Expose All The Corruption In The World And Bring Justice For All Your Righteous Children. The American People deserve to see the systems built by our forefathers to work properly and serve them.

The Evil Ones who have attempted to corrupt our very Souls, and make US unworthy of the Gifts promised by God/Allah/Yahweh, are Our True Enemies. The Temptation of Evil has grown and infested many of US, and the Army of Righteousness, the Warriors of God/Allah/Yahweh, MUST now Spread the Light of Truth, and Bring Back the Laws and Morales of God/Allah/Yahweh, in Preparation of His Coming, and Final Judgement.

Do Your Own Research. Read, Write, and Increase your Knowledge and Understanding. The Battle of Good and Evil is upon US, and We are Being Judged and Our Deeds are Recorded Always. Nothing is Hidden From God/Allah/Yahweh, and That is the Plain Truth. The EndTime Prophecies are upon US and the Final Prince walks Among US.