The EVIL And Radical.

The EVIL And Radical. You think the events happening in the United States of America are just random? They are not random, they are organized. Look at the ‘targets’ and look at where the ‘MOBS’ have not attacked. Federal Government, State and Local Government, Law Enforcement, Businesses, Churches and Temples, Patriots, and Trump supporters, are the ‘Targets’. Have you heard of any Mosques attacked? Have you heard of any Radical Organizations attacked? Have you heard of anyone making curses against Allah? Why not? American flags are being burned, molotov cocktails and stones are used, knives and explosives are used, pallets of (stones,water, and milk) are pre-staged, women are being abducted (and Raped?), most violent attacks are on ‘White’, most graffiti is directed against Trump, Christians and Jews, the USA, the ‘Rich’, and promotes Black Lives Matter, and Antifa. These are attacks that are organized by the EVIL and Radical. The violence and destruction is from them.

The peaceful protests, and there are some, are being performed by true Americans who remember the Civil Rights Movement.

Look and see what is happening in the United States of America. We have been infiltrated by Radical Terrorists who have been spreading their Radical Propaganda to our youth, and creating these Radical Domestic Terrorists Organizations. Do you see older or elderly in these groups that are committing acts of violence, vandalism, looting, and destruction? I see them in the peaceful protests, and those protecting others. The United States of America is about to see a situation that we have never had before. We have an enemy inside our borders that infiltrated US using our own policies of immigration to set up and radicalize our own youth against US. They have been using the mind control techniques that they used around the world to take down other countries. The true Muslim faith, has been infiltrated by Radicals, and it must purge themselves of these false teachings that are being spread through their Mosques. The Prophet did NOT teach violence and terrorism all but Muslims.

The EVIL and Radical have spread the COVID-19 CoronaVirus to their perceived enemies, and the main Muslim population is the ‘Black’ community. Let that sink in. God-Allah-Yahweh warned all of US that these days and events would come, and that Satan-Devil-Serpent and his Followers would use Lies and Deceptions to spread EVIL to many and make them Unworthy of Heaven, and Fail in the Judgement. It is time the World and US realize the ways and tactics of the EVIL and Radical.

These are the Predicted EndTimes. The Sun and Moon rising and setting in different locations. Severe Weather. Earthquakes and volcanoes. Plagues of many sorts. Children against parents and parents against children. False Messiahs and Prophets. Food shortages. Wars. Uprisings. The Signs are here. Learn how to be Righteous, and to battle EVIL. Protect yourselves, your families, your close friends, your religion as taught by God-Allah-Yahweh, and do good deeds so you may be found worthy in the eyes of God-Allah-Yahweh to enter Heaven and receive the promised gifts.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.