Should We Destroy You?

Should We Destroy You? God-Allah-Yahweh could order the destruction of Humanity and there is Nothing you could do to Stop the Army of Heaven. You are incapable of stopping the smallest and least threatening craft that Heaven possesses.

You have been told by God-Allah-Yahweh what is to happen in the future and the signs to look for. Many of you will say that you do not believe in the Kingdom of Heaven being in this dimension because your religious leaders have brainwashed you into false beliefs instead of teaching you the Truth as they were supposed to.

Do you know that there are many ways to destroy you? We could teach you technologies that you would lead you to your own self-destruction. You were given Laws and Commandments that were meant to allow you to be civilized and give you a chance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and become Citizens of Heaven. How many of you are Worthy?

You complain about your dependence on fossil fuel and you think your activities using it are destroying your world but you fail to come out and evolve to the next step in technology. You think your solar and wind technologies are necessary to save yourselves instead of using simple and more efficient alternatives. Did you know that a motor can turn a generator and generate more usable power than it uses?

Did you know that you can create magnetic piston that is even more efficient? Did you know that your global warming is a celestial event and that the magnetic field of this world is in the process of flipping?

You want a solution that is safer and can help you combat the effects of these and future events? Check this out.

Here is your next step technology.

We could teach you weapons and energy manipulation that you would abuse and destroy yourselves with. Just look at what happened with nuclear energy and atomic bombs. How many of you would Not use knowledge to dominate other nations and peoples? The United States of America has been the only nation that has somewhat followed civilized behavior, and has NOT tried to conquer the world for its own benefit. God-Allah-Yahweh has blessed America and is protecting her. The world was almost lost because the USA was almost destroyed using covert means and corruption.

The Kingdom of Heaven can destroy any individual, group, nation, or the entire world anytime it wants. Earth is primitive and very fragile. Live according to the way God-Allah-Yahweh has commanded or face his and Heaven’s wrath. The Only choice you have is how you yourself behave, and that will determine if you will be judged GOOD or EVIL. God-Allah-Yahweh Guide Your Righteous.