Let It Spread.

Let It Spread. We are fighting a flu, that is no longer the threat they claimed. The Common Flu can not be stopped, and infects 1 billion people worldwide, and 33 million in the United States every year. The Common Flu kills 3-4 million worldwide, and 20-120,000 in the United States every year. The estimates of a 3.4 percent death rate were based on erroneous computer models and data. The actual data shows less than 10 million confirmed cases and less than 500,000 deaths worldwide.














Here is a good timeline and shows what we are saying about the data.




Common Flu death toll per month (3,000,000/12) would be 250,000 deaths. COVID-19 death toll per month (apr-may) 155,000 and (may-jun) 153,000. The numbers are just not there to justify the shutdown/lockdown of the general population for a virus that is less contagious and fatal than the Common Flu. The northern hemisphere has just entered summer and the southern hemisphere has just entered winter. We see an increase in cases in the southern hemisphere but a decrease in fatalities worldwide. This is further evidence that the shutdown/lockdown of the general population is unnecessary. Precautions and testing should be limited to vulnerable, and those showing symptoms. The health issues that mask wearing, contact with, and inhalation of, cleaning chemicals, as well as problems associated with social and economic deprivation, are going to cause many more problems than the small benefits. The healthcare professionals are talking about spikes in cases, but they fail to compare COVID-19 to the Common Flu. US healthcare professionals have not raised the alarm that the USA has 25% of the world cases and deaths, with only having less than 5% of the global population. US healthcare professionals have failed to state that most of the COVID-19 deaths are in two primary areas of the USA. US healthcare professionals have spoken out about social and religious gatherings causing spread, but have condoned protests and riots as safe. US healthcare professionals have spoken out against drugs and treatments that have been used worldwide against COVID-19, and are promoting experimental drugs that may cause harm. US healthcare professionals are supposed to care about the patients first, and put their health first, but are failing in this.

Jan 28,2020 is when COVID-19 CoronaVirus became a concern. Five months later and shutdowns/lockdowns, and globally we have less than 10 million confirmed cases and less than 500,000 deaths, but in the US we have 2.5 million confirmed cases and 125,000 deaths. The US numbers show gross incompetence by healthcare professionals and/or intentional spread (bioattack). The only other explanation would be an intentional distortion of the data from US healthcare professionals. We also know that some governors-states sent infected patients back to nursing homes that raised death tolls. The US has more than twice the deaths of any other country in the world due to COVID-19.

Remember when people were licking video doorbells, doorknobs, railings, ice cream, and other objects, as well as intentionally coughing, sneezing, and spitting on persons and objects? That was intentional spread, and can be considered a bio-attack and bio-terrorism. US healthcare professionals said they do not believe there was intentional spread, so they are either ignorant or liars.

Do not be naive and think that all people in the United States of America, love our country and its people. The enemy has infiltrated the USA and are attempting to destroy it. The American People need to smarten up and see their enemies.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.