The Path Forward.

The Path Forward. CoronaVirus COVID-19 is now less a threat than it was because we have rapid testing and also effective treatments available. Data also shows that some treatments may also be preventatives. Due to this, the threat to the Global Population and American Population, is now greatly reduced. The lockdown to prevent infection was needed due to lack of treatments, preventatives, and models stating high population deaths in millions across the globe and up to 4 million dead in United States of America. The United States has 18,000 deaths so far and the world has 101,500 deaths. How many regular flu cases are there every year? How many flu deaths are there every year? The threat has been reduced below the common flu and the healthcare industry is no longer in danger of being over run. In fact some hospitals are having to close down due to lack of patients. The time has come to open up businesses and economies, because the treat level is now severely lower than the common flu. The threat of suicide, homicide, domestic violence, hunger, and poverty, are now on rise. The CoronaVirus COVID-19 is now under control and the models are now showing this.

The experts are saying that the models are correct and the shut down is working. The question is, why is the rest of the world not seeing millions of infections and deaths? If the measures were working in the United States, we would see less infections and deaths, than the rest of the world that is not as advanced as the US. The numbers do not match, because their models are wrong. According to their models, we should be seeing the collapse of third world nations already. Please explain why this is not occurring? The experts had an issue in the beginning, because there was no treatment, preventative, or fast testing, but those threats are now being mitigated. How many third world nations have collapsed due this plaque? Where are the millions of infected and dead everywhere else in the uncivilized world? Please have the experts answer this.

Obviously, Elderly and Healthcare Workers, should use extreme caution and maintain monitoring for symptoms, but all the rest should only be required to stay at home if sick. Hydroxychloroquine can be given to medical staff as a preventative, and to elderly if confirmed cases at home or facility. The threat is lower than the common flu, and infants and young people are seeing a lot less fatality rate than the common flu. The experts have a lot to answer to at this time, seeing that their models and numbers are not matching, and we are not seeing vast numbers of dead in third world countries.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.