Right Vs Wrong.

Right Vs Wrong. The World is experiencing a time of great trouble as was predicted thousands of years ago.

The severe weather being experienced is due to the earth shift that changed where the sun and moon rise and set, which is part of an ongoing event, which is the shifting of earth’s magnetic poles.

The legends of Atlantis and the Great Flood, had earthquakes, volcanoes, earth shifts, and severe weather in them. Science, UFOs, and religious texts have all said that these events will occur but they all explain them slightly different. The events are real and therefore the sources of the knowledge must also be real.

War is very real but with all our technology we can not stop the events that are happening today. Many nations go to war for resources, religion, and/or world conquest. With all your technology, you can not conquer heaven, or the problems of your world.

Never forget that your world is controlled and that you are caught between an argument of God-Allah-Yahweh and Satan-Devil-Lucifer. Right Vs Wrong. God-Allah-Yahweh believes you are intelligent and that you are capable of becoming citizens of heaven. Satan-Devil-Lucifer does not believe you are intelligent and that you are incapable of becoming citizens of heaven. You are being tested and at the end of the experiment you will be judged.

The EVIL of your world want control and power over others, and do not care for the welfare of the people. They want you to be ignorant and believe what they tell you, not what is right and good. They seek to enslave you with lies and deceptions, so you can not learn truth and knowledge that will allow you to become citizens of heaven. The GOOD seek to educate themselves and learn truth and knowledge that will allow them to enter heaven. The GOOD seek to educate and advance others to improve everyone’s lives and conditions. Here is your next step technologies.

I have no desire to remain on earth, and rule over you. I want to enter heaven and learn from God-Allah-Yahweh, so I can progress in my own development. I hope to see evidence soon, that you are able to progress in your development, and make yourselves worthy of becoming citizens of heaven.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

Please help me advance you, so I may open the way to heaven.