Data? Science?

Data? Science? We hear the World Leaders say we have nine years to save our World from irreversible Climate Change due to the Pollution caused by Humanity. Where is their data to verify this conclusion?

There is more data showing that the Magnetic Poles of the Earth are about to shift, yet they downplay the data and say that Humanity is the cause. If Humanity was the cause than the recent pandemic would have shown data verifying that the drop in human activity, had reversed the progression of Climate Change. There is no such data.

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the magnetic north pole has shifted over time since scientists first identified its location in 1831

A weakening magnetic field allows more solar radiation to reach the surface of the planet. The Ice melts instead of building up. The oceans heat up and create more clouds due to evaporation. Solar wind increases the speed of the clouds, making weather systems more intense. The Surface of the Earth is cooled by this and solar radiation is reduced, making the life on the surface able to withstand the increased radiation. The internal temperature of the planet continues to rise, and Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tidal Waves, and Rising Sea Levels, are all evidence of this. The events we are witnessing, were also present prior to the fall and ‘sinking’ of Atlantis. Did you know that UFOs told US about the magnetic poles shifting?

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What the true data shows, is the Magnetic Poles of the Earth are about to shift. The Events we are seeing, occur at every shift. The Events we are seeing, are not man-made. The Events we are seeing, will occur again, whether we exist or not.

The Population of Humanity, is putting stresses on our Planet Earth. If we reduce the Population of Humanity by half, we reduce those stresses and damages by half. Half the oxygen required. Half the food required. Half the water required. Half the housing required. Half the energy required. Half the material devices required. Half the Climate Damage produced, because half the demand reduced. Half the pollution reduced, because half the polluters removed. If Climate Change is so important, than half the Population of Humanity being removed-destroyed, solves the problem easily. Why are the scientists saying they can stop Climate Change by using Green Energy, when de-population is the obvious answer if the Climate Change is caused by Humanity? They know it is NOT man-made, therefore they created a lie to make all of you believe you are the cause, so they can create their survival plans and let you die. This is what the Elite always do.

The FreeWorld is over. God-Allah-Yahweh Will Not Save US, only the Righteous. The fate of the United States of America, is to be the same as the Roman Empire. The Dark Age-EndTimes-Apocalypse is now here, and the Great Judgement Day is around the corner. Prepare yourselves.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.