Look At This.

Look At This. The Former President Obama requested GCHQ to perform Project Fulsome which was to spy on Trump Tower specifically the Trump Campaign and Trump Organization. It was extended to include the transition period and beyond according to this document.

According to this document Boris Johnson, Former President Obama, Michael Steele (Christopher Steele?), Susan Rice, Robert Hannigan, and others, had accrued actionable leads in regards to Russian Hostile Actors. Have any of these people been questioned?

Why have we NOT seen any underlying evidence for the request and then execution of this Project Fulsome? Did Mueller or Congress look into this?

We also have this document.

According to this document the Obama Presidential Briefings, Former President Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Google, Crowdstrike, Wikileaks, and others, framed Russia for Hacking the DNC server. The DNC server was never seized by any of the Federal Agencies, but the Obama Administration did eject Russian Diplomats, seized 2 properties, and put sanctions on Russia. It appears the Obama Administration intentionally raised tensions with Russia, so they could continue their false narrative in an attempt to affect the 2016 Election and afterward to overturn it.

Have any of these players and evidence been investigated?


Veteran Intelligence Officials stated the Russians did NOT hack the DNC yet the Intelligence Assessment Report stated that Russia hacked the DNC server. Why have the perpetrators of this lie NOT been investigated?


Why have the Officials never been questioned? Why has the DNC server never been seized? Why were Russians ejected, properties seized, and sanctions put in place over a Hack that never occurred? Why have the Officials never been held responsible for false accusations and failures of due diligence?

The Obama Administration pushed this false narrative. The Intelligence Community, only used CIA, FBI, and NSA. CIA and FBI said they have high confidence, yet the NSA said they have moderate confidence because they did NOT see the underlying layers required for high confidence. The other 14 Intelligence Agencies are NOT included in the assessment. Crowdstrike has never been brought in to testify. The Mueller report still uses the false report and information. Why has Guccifer 2.0 never been found? Why has WikiLeaks never been questioned, even though they said it was NOT Russia that provided the DNC Emails? Why has Crowdstrike never been questioned about their analysis?








The Evidence is overwhelming that the Obama Administration used Foreign Intelligence Agencies and Spies to set up false accusations and claims, and then used that to seek FISAs to spy and attempt to take down a duly elected President.