Guilty As Charged.

Guilty As Charged. How many times have you lied, cheated, stole, and hurt others? How many times have you hurt others and felt good doing it? How many times did you feel proud of it? How many times do you lie to people to make yourself appear more or less than you are? How many times have you cheated in a relationship? How many times have you cheated and lied to get what you want? How many times have you caused people pain and injury to make yourself dominate another? How many times have you been improper with others, and felt you that you were a conqueror? How many times have you taken advantage of others to satisfy your own desires and needs without any regard to others? How many times have you used your words to belittle and demean others? You are guilty as charged!

We have all done these things to some extent. When we do these things, we have hurt others and have put an evil mark against our soul. If we are found to have too much Evil, we will NOT be allowed into Heaven, but shall be placed inside Hell so we can NOT harm anyone else anymore. Death, Disease, Torment, and the Loss of Freedom shall be all you have. You shall NOT be allowed to obtain Immortality. You shall NOT be cured our your Disease. You shall NOT be allowed to Torment Others. You shall NOT be allowed to have Freedom so you can Spread your Evil ways. The Judgement Day is Coming, and soon Evil shall be Purged from the Earth. The Righteous shall be harvested from the Earth and shall See the Plagues sent down upon the Evil on Earth. They shall See some who are Evil change their ways and Become Righteous, and shall Rejoice. They shall See those who are Evil destroy others who are Evil, and they shall Suffer Greatly. They shall Praise God/Allah/Yahweh for Saving them and Rewarding them, and for Cleansing the Earth so they can Return and have Heaven on Earth. There shall be a Golden Age and Humanity shall be Advanced and become Worthy to Enter Heaven. God/Allah/Yahweh Show You The Path Of Righteousness And Make You Worthy Of Heaven.

Are You Worthy???

God/Allah/Yahweh Destroy The Evil Ones And Their Evil Followers So The Righteous May Live In Peace And Praise You, And Follow You.