President Trump, We Want Justice, NOW!!!

President Trump, We Want Justice, NOW!!!

Dear Mr President,

On this page you will find links to stories about the conspiracy against you. The Time has come for you to do something about this. The evidence of illegal political espionage against you during the campaign and after is beyond refute. Make your DOJ do something now. We respect you Mr President, but we demand justice and action. We demand that you make Jeff Sessions pursue this or get rid of him. God Bless America and Take Down Her Enemies.

BREAKING! WIKILEAKS Releases Proof That Obama’s CIA Interfered In Frances’ 2012 Election


Newt on Obama: “We’ve never, ever in American history had as many different scandalous behaviors by a president…”

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Adm. Official, Samantha Power, made 260 unmasking requests in 2016. It is hard to believe they were all related to security issues.

Manafort-Trump wiretaps: Worse than Watergate!

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CNN | When Life Comes At You Fast

Notice the ‘pained’ faces of the panelists…

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.@LouDobbs Obama Unmasking; Tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive Can’t get stories straight All liars

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Time to Wake Sessions Up !! RETWEET if you want AG @jeffsessions to un—recuse himself & Shut Down Tax funded Mueller Witch Hunt !!

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Under Obama, U.S. intel agencies secretly surveilled/unmasked at least 5 different Trump associates. Manafort, Page, Flynn, Bannon, Kushner

Obama entangled in brand-new ‘political espionage’ scandal