All For Nothing.

All For Nothing. The predicted numbers have NOT materialized.




common flu 4-18-20
common flu 4-11-20
common flu 12-14-20

They want you to believe that mitigation and social distancing have worked to save the USA. Where are the numbers increasing around the world? Where are the numbers increasing in the southern hemisphere? Where are the millions dead around the world? The numbers are NOT even that of the common flu. The healthcare systems are not overwhelmed. Children and young adults have nearly a 0% chance of dying, unlike the common flu. We know by testing that 10-20% of the population in the US has been infected already. That makes US infections to be 33-66 million people, which is equal to double a normal flu season with only 64,000 deaths.

The numbers today 5-3-20 are as follows: 3,318,755 world infections, and 236,431 world deaths, and 1,092,815 US infections, and 64,283 US deaths.

In the US with the most cases and deaths, you have a .05 chance of dying, and in the world you have a .07 chance of dying, if infected. In the world, you have a .00003 chance of dying from COVID-19, and .00019 chance in the US of dying from COVID-19.

If the Numbers reported are accurate, than the US appears to be under a biological attack, because the rest of the world seems unaffected even though the US boasts they are the most advanced country in the world. The southern hemisphere countries are entering flu season but their numbers are not increasing. The rest of the less developed countries are not collapsing due the plague. Why? The evidence seems to dictate that either the countries of the world are not reporting properly, or the US is under a biological attack that is not being reported on? Which is it? There is one other explanation, the numbers the US is reporting are wrong. Which one is the Truth?

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.