Organized Crime, The Mob.

Organized Crime, The Mob. No one has made the connection. Crime, prostitution, drug smuggling, extortion, election rigging, bribery, gambling, hit jobs, assassinations, evidence tampering, money laundering, gang violence, drive by shootings, and protection rackets, were attributed to the Mob. Today, open borders, sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, the war against law enforcement, the abolishment of ICE, the fight against a border wall, the holding back of military equipment to law enforcement, gun control on citizens but not criminals, giving rights and benefits to illegals, taking away rights and benefits of citizens, weakening military, making drugs legal, failing to prosecute leaders of organized crime, teaching immoral and criminal behavior to our youth, removing religion and God/Allah/Yahweh from society, and so much more. The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/ Globalists are organized crime, and they seek to destroy the United States from within by making Morals, Decency, God/Allah/Yahweh, Law and Order, Justice, Borders, Military, Civil and Basic Rights, all concepts of the Past. Evil has entered the United Stated of America, and it has become a cancer that threatens to destroy it. God/Allah/Yahweh will NOT allow EVIL to enter HEAVEN, and he will NOT reward EVIL with the GIFTS he has PROMISED. The US Constitution was created to ensure the Rights and Freedoms of US Citizens, and Today it is being ignored and abused.

The Constitution of the United States_ A Transcription _ National Archives

The American People are NOT Stupid. This is a WAR of GOOD vs EVIL. The GOOD believe in God/Allah/Yahweh, Country, and Family. The EVIL believe in Nothing, and want you to believe their Lies and Deceptions. They want you to believe they will give you everything for free. They want you to believe the changes in the environment and climate are manmade. They want you to believe that they are smarter than you. They want you to become Disciples of Satan, and spread their EVIL over the entire USA, and the World. The toys you cherish so much, MUST be built by someone. The raw materials to make those toys MUST be mined and refined by someone. Your services, such as Phone, Internet, Electricity, Water, Heat, AC, and Food MUST all be maintained by someone. DO NOT take for granted the Good American People who Provide and Maintain these Luxuries you enjoy. DO NOT take for granted the Police, Fire Personnel, Emergency Medical Response, Doctors and Nurses, Public Utility Workers, The Military, Mail Personnel, and those who Service and Maintain your homes, vehicles, and infrastructure. EVIL always makes Lies and Deceptions that are Tempting to the Ignorant and Illiterate. Do your Research and view everything from the Right and Wrong perspective. Many People have Forgotten God/Allah/Yahweh and his teachings of what is Right and what is Wrong. Many People have Forgotten what National Pride and Love of Country is all about. Many People have Forgotten what a Family is, and have Failed to Teach their Children by example. The American People Know how much has been Lost, and Know how much Needs to be Restored. The Righteous obey the Ten Commandments, and Know that God/Allah/Yahweh is going to Judge them according to their deeds.

Remember that you have a Soul, and remember that God/Allah/Yahweh can resurrect you and put that Soul back into a body. Remember that you have no Right to enter Heaven and Receive God/Allah/Yahweh’s Gifts Except through his Judgement and being found Worthy and Righteous. Many of you have believed the Lies and Deceptions that there is no Soul, no God/Allah/Yahweh, no Heaven, and no Hell. You believe in nothing and say that the Strong have the right to persecute the Weak. This is only True among Animals. The Strong must Protect the Weak in a civilized society. Our Elderly and Children are the Weakest, and we Protect them. Organized Crime, The Mob, is known for persecuting the Weak and providing them with every Unrighteous and Evil act, perversion, and device/substance that will make them Fail and be Unworthy of Heaven. The Evil Un-American Radical Democrat/Globalists are Organized Crime, the new Mob, but they lack the Religion and Family values that the old Mob still believed in. Today, the new Mob, sees itself as the Future and that their EVIL values shall be the norm not only in the USA but the World. If this is Allowed to Occur, then All Future Generations will be Unrighteous, and EVIL will have Consumed the Entire World, and become Unworthy of Heaven. These Truly are the EndTimes and Judgement Must Occur Soon. God/Allah/Yahweh Teach As Many As Possible To Become Worthy In Your Eyes, And Of Heaven.