Data Is Important.

Data Is Important. The only way to analyze something correctly, is with accurate data. The problem today is that the data is being manipulated to create false conclusions. Today we hear the ‘models predict’, but then when the ‘prediction’ proves wrong, they attempt to manipulate the data, instead of the model. This creates false narratives.

US Covid death 6-13-20

A prime example of data manipulation is this pandemic. As you can see, most of the United States deaths by COVID-19 are concentrated in 2 large areas with scattering around the rest.

US Covid cases 6-13-20

Here is the data showing confirmed cases. As you can see, many people have been infected, but we do not see the high numbers of death. This means that the efforts to contain-mitigate have failed, and the healthcare professionals and models are wrong. Now when you go to the world.

You see the highest death tolls in Western Europe, USA, and Brazil. The highest numbers of confirmed cases in Russia, India, USA, and Brazil. The data should show a devastating wave of death spreading across the world. The northern hemisphere should be seeing a steep decrease in cases due to entering summer, and the southern hemisphere should be seeing a rapid increase in cases due to entering winter. We do not see this. Why?

The data shows the USA has 25% of confirmed cases, and 25% of deaths, but less than 5% of the world population. The data would indicate the intentional spread of the virus to infect and kill the most people in the USA. The virus began in China, and spread to Western Europe, and then spread to the USA. Why are the China numbers less than Western Europe and the USA? According to the data, China and South Korea, used Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine early on in treatment. This would account for less deaths, but they should have a higher infection rate than the USA.

The next thing to look at, is comparing it to the common flu, that appears every year. The common flu infects 1 billion people every year, and causes 3-4 million deaths every year, globally. In the USA, even with flu vaccines, we see about 34 million infections, and 20,000 to 100,000 deaths, every year.

COVID-19 is reported to have infected 8 million people globally and caused 440,000 deaths globally. In the USA, we have 2 million infected and 117,000 deaths.




It appears as if the USA did not respond to the virus at all and was hit hard due to this? The healthcare professionals did nothing to help the infected and just let them die? The USA did all these things, and still has the highest numbers, even with the best healthcare system. The USA has been targeted with a biological attack, and the spread must be intentional, or the world would have experienced far worse than the USA.

Here is a good timeline and shows what we are saying about the data.

The world data is showing that the spread of COVID-19 is not even, and this is troubling. Why are we seeing the most developed country in the world having the most deaths and infections, but having only 5% of the population? Why are the majority of those deaths in 2 main areas? Why are we NOT seeing areas like this around the world? The numbers should be greater around the world, especially if the COVID-19 is as contagious and deadly as the healthcare professionals tell us. Is the rest of the world more advanced in healthcare than the United States? Where are the hospitals being overwhelmed with cases? Where are the massive deaths around the US and world? Where are the overwhelmed hospitals due to the protests and riots around the world? The data does not match the situation on the ground.




Is flu season over? COVID-19 is a virus, so what are the chances of catching it in the summer? 6 ft distancing was for the winter, what distance is for the summer? What is the mortality rate for COVID-19? What is the mortality rate for the common flu? Is it healthy wearing a mask for extended periods? Is it healthy breathing in cleaning chemicals for extended periods?

The data shows intentional targeting of the USA. The high death rates in the USA appear to be in 2 main areas. The hospitals were not overwhelmed, so we must assume these deaths are due to improper diagnosis or are false data being used to create a desired narrative. Whatever happened about the complications due to vaping? What happens if you are a vapor and catch COVID-19? We never hear anything about this, why? We know COVID-19 patients were sent back to nursing homes. We also know that 42% of the deaths in the USA were in nursing homes. Where did the remaining 58% of the deaths occur?

We also see data manipulation in climate models, because the models fail to see volcanoes, earthquakes, internal temperatures, and magnetic field strengths. According to their ‘models’ the icecaps and glaciers should be completely melted, and coastal cities should be flooded. Population should be decreasing due to the health effects caused by pollution.

Stop believing what they say and request the data to back up what they say. Also seek other sources to make sure the data is accurate. Today, we are seeing too many instances where they show the part of the picture they present and do not realize that there is more to the picture that they have failed to present. Narratives are always built, but many times it is not the truth or whole truth. Do your research.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.