Reflect On God-Allah-Yahweh.

Reflect On God-Allah-Yahweh. God-Allah-Yahweh is preparing Humanity for Judgement Day. We have War, Famine, Disease, Crime, Death, Propaganda, Brain Washing, Slavery, Terrorists, Drug Dealers, Thieves, Demons, Devils, Saints, Angels, Aliens, UFOs, Lies, Deceptions, EVIL, GOOD, and it all follows the Plan of God-Allah-Yahweh.

God-Allah-Yahweh Knows Everything You Have Done, GOOD and EVIL, and it is all recorded in your records, along with your Soul. You do NOT enter Heaven in Death, and you do NOT enter Heaven without the approval and judgement of God-Allah-Yahweh. We are the Children and Creation of God-Allah-Yahweh. We live by the will of God-Allah-Yahweh and everything is according to his Will.

Many of you have been given free will and at Judgement Day your Soul shall be weighed according to your EVIL and GOOD deeds. Reflect on God-Allah-Yahweh and ask yourselves if you are Worthy to enter Heaven and live forever in the Presence of God-Allah-Yahweh.

God-Allah-Yahweh, We Your Children Pray For Your Blessings And Guidance In The Ways Of The Righteous, And That You Shall Lead US Away From EVIL And Temptation. God-Allah-Yahweh Take Down The EVIL Who Would Lead US Astray With Curses And Confusion, So We May Learn The Righteous Path.