EVIDENCE Grows. The EVIDENCE is growing against Joe and Hunter Biden. A President Biden would be under investigation from day one, and probably impeached and removed the first year. The mental fitness of Joe Biden is also in question. Here is a report from the Senate about the Biden’s.



We warned you long ago, and will continue to rub your noses in it, because the EVIL and Corruption that has infected this nation, is still growing like the cancer that it is. Equal Justice Under The Law, and the Restoration of Law and Order, have not been achieved yet. Investigations into the Obama Administration are slow walked, so statutes of limitations will be exceeded, and no charges can be pursued, but false evidence and rapid prosecution are used against the Trump Administration. Where are the Obstruction of Justice charges? Where are the Treason and Sedition charges? Where are the Lying Under Oath charges? Where are the USAID Pay for Play charges? Where are the Logan Act Charges? Where are the Conspiracy to Overthrow the US Government charges? Where are the Attempted Coup Against The Sitting US President charges? Where are the Falsification of Evidence charges? Where are the Quid Pro Quo charges? Where are the Attempted War charges? Where are the Illegal Leaks charges? Where are the Evidence Cover Up charges? US President Trump, you have failed to clean up the EVIL and Corruption in the Executive Branch, and therefore have been unable to Drain The Swamp. The EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals are trying to use Violence in Protests and Riots to affect the US Elections, because God-Allah-Yahweh is putting Truth and Light, to their Dark Lies and Deceptions.

Various Government Documents 1

Various Government Documents 2

Various Government Documents 3

Various Government Documents 4

Various Government Documents 5

Various Government Documents 6

Various Government Documents 7

Documents To Remember.

Documents To Remember. 2

Documents To Remember. 3

Documents To Remember. 4

Documents To Remember. 5

Documents To Remember. 6

Documents To Remember. 7

Documents To Remember. 8

Remember And Research. Part 1.

Remember And Research. Part 2.

Remember And Research. Part 3.

CheckMate. 1

CheckMate. 2

CheckMate. 3

CheckMate. 4

Additional Evidence Of Their Lies And Deceptions.

Cover Up For Evil Corruption.

Cover Up. Evidence IS Missing.

CrowdStrike, EVIL Ones Are In Panic.

CrowdStrike, The Word The Evil Do Not Speak.

Democrat And Republican Reports Released.

Democrat Conspiracy.

Democrat Party Seems To Act Like Communist Party.

Democrats Setting Up Voter Fraud.

Democrats? What should we call them?

Do Your Research…

Even More Evidence.

Evidence Cover Up !!!

Evidence. See For Yourself…

False Evidence Created False Investigation.

FISA Report.

FISA Court Responds.

Government, for the People, by the People.

Greatest threat to US democracy.

Guess What.

How Worried Are They?


In The Beginning.

In The Beginning Part 2.

Political Images Of Past.

Past Political Images 2.

Images Of Past 3.


Learn To See.

Look At This.

More Evidence 4-22-20.


God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.