The Symptoms In Children Appear To Be Due To Lockdowns.

The Symptoms In Children Appear To Be Due To Lockdowns. We have no reports from anywhere of children suffering, until they were stuck indoors for extended periods, with exposure to cleaning chemicals, and wearing masks that propagate bacterial increase. CPAP machines require daily cleaning and that is with having the masks on for 8 hrs while sleeping. Many people are being required to wear masks for periods much greater than this, and they are not changing them periodically, or are cleaning them improperly and this causes increased bacteria and/or chemical levels. We have seen no guidance warning against this, and because children are small and developing, they are susceptible to lower levels. The guidance speaks of washing hands often, and cleaning surfaces often, but has failed to address high bacterial, high viral, and high chemical levels that people are being exposed to due to lockdowns.

The lockdowns and requirements of personal protection equipment, as well as frequent use of harsh cleaning chemicals in enclosed spaces, will cause medical problems which can be deadly. Most people can not afford 3 masks per day so this is causing problems.

Sunlight and heat kill the virus also, with summer approaching in the northern hemisphere, the virus will decrease or disappear until fall. Sunlight also provides vitamin D which enhances the immune system. Fresh air and exercise allows the lungs to clear and improves health. The dangers being created by these lockdowns far outweigh the chances of contracting the COVID-19 Coronavirus and/or dying from it. The high numbers of deaths in the USA are due to these measures.

PPE is for healthcare professionals that know its use, and are constantly around those infected. Staying confined inside homes and being exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals for extended periods is not beneficial. Reusing PPE or using it for extended periods of time, without properly cleaning it, causes problems and is not beneficial. The hospitals are not overwhelmed. The contracting COVID-19 is not a death sentence. The USA has more than enough ventilators now. Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc, are an effective treatment against the COVID-19 infection. Israel is claiming they have developed an antibody that destroys the COVID-19 in infected individuals and is seeking mass production and testing. The chances of dying from COVID-19 are less than the Common Flu, which takes 3-4 million lives every year worldwide. Protect the elderly and those with underlying conditions, and let the rest of the world return to healthy and productive lives.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.