Evil Found In The U.S.A.

Evil Found In The U.S.A. Evil has infiltrated the United States of America, and it is time for the Truth and Justice. The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists are about to experience HELL, and God/Allah/Yahweh is Calling the Righteous to Battle. The Devil and his Followers are trying to spread Lies and Deceptions in an Effort to Destroy the U.S.A. and Create a New World Order with Them in Control. They are attempting to Hide the Truth, but the Righteous Army of God/Allah/Yahweh is spreading the Truth and seeking Justice. The Evil Ones have sought to Brainwash your Children, to Remove all Knowledge of God/Allah/Yahweh, to teach Adulterous Behavior as Normal, to Take Away your Rights and Freedoms, to Give Away the Wealth of your Nation to those Undeserving, to Allow Invaders into your Nation, to Give Invaders more Rights and Freedoms than Citizens and Legal Immigrants, to Take Away Jobs and Manufacturing, to Weaken US Military, to weaken Law Enforcement so Criminal Elements can Thrive, to Increase National Debt in attempt to Bankrupt your Nation, to Take Away Allegiance to the Flag and Nation, to Make You believe that You are Inferior to Others, to Shame You into Compliance, to Take Away your Means to Defense, to Take Away your Means to Independence and Livelihood, to Control the Media to Make You Believe Their Lies and Deceptions, to Make You into Mindless Followers and Just As EVIL as they are.

God/Allah/Yahweh only wants Obedience to his Commandments, and for You to Advance Yourself and Your Children in Truth and Understanding. Evil wants You to Remain Ignorant and Engage in Making Others just Like YOU. If you Believe their Lies and Deceptions, without Seeking Truth and Understanding, than You are a Follower of the Evil Ones. If you Spread their Lies and Deceptions Knowingly, then You are An Evil One. God/Allah/Yahweh is the Immortal Ever-living God who Rules Heaven and Earth. God/Allah/Yahweh wants you seek to be Righteous, Learn Truth and Understanding, and Obey his Simple Commandments. By doing so, you will Inherit the Gifts He has Promised. The Prophecies were Given to US so we may Know His Plan and Be Prepared.

God/Allah/Yahweh Show You The Path Of Righteousness And Truth, And Show You The Lies And Deceptions Of The EVIL ONES So You May Avoid His Wrath, Damnation, And HELL.