Prove It.

Prove It. The 2020 US Elections appear to be stolen-rigged. We have seen no proof that these Elections were indeed Free and Fair. Instead we see slow walking, hiding the machines and ballots, manipulating-altering of files-logs-ballots, and the shredding-destruction-deleting of ballots-envelopes-logs, and these are supposed to be saved and available for examination for 22 months after the Elections.


Now that the electoral college has been submitted, and certified, why are the Election Commissions of various states and districts still refusing to let the results, machines, and ballots, be examined to prove that the results are accurate, and that no one interfered, manipulated, or tampered with the Tabulators, Ballot Machines, Ballots, Servers, and Logs?

It appears the 2020 US Elections may be completely compromised, and that the ‘Will Of The American People’, may have been usurped and manipulated to the ‘Will Of The EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals’. The analysis of the Voting Machines in Antrim, Michigan, show US Voting Systems, that do not perform according to US Standards and Regulations.


They now need to prove that the same or similar, did not occur on a national scale, that was able to affect the local, state, and federals elections. The Evidence is showing that it must be proven that the US Elections Results are Accurate, the Election Machines were Secure, the Tabulations are Accurate, and that the Ballots and Envelopes are Real and Accurate. We see much evidence that the 2020 US Elections may have been tampered with, and the results are fraudulent.








See for yourselves, the articles, reports, and evidence. The United States of America became a third world nation this 2020 US Elections. Many local, state, and federal elections, were rigged-fixed, and now they are covering up and hiding the evidence. The problem is, that according to law, the Evidence must be kept for 22 months, and must be available for audit and examination, but that is not occurring.

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According to US Election Laws, the districts, counties, states, and federal government, are supposed to be able to prove the US Elections were Free and Fair, and that no interference or tampering affected the results. The US Election Data is to be maintained for 22 months, so it can be proven that the US Elections were fair and accurate. Why are the American People being denied the forensics data, from the US Voting Systems and Ballots, as required by US Election Law?

The EndTimes are here, and you can see the evidence in holy texts and prophecies.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.