Military Takeover May Be Required…

Military Takeover May Be Required… If the Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists and their Deepstate operatives Do Not restore the Justice and Law Enforcement Agencies to their proper implementation of the Rule of Law, and Equal Justice Under The Law, then the Military can and should be brought in, and the Evil Un-Americans can be found and removed. The American People have the Right to have our Systems perform as Set Up in the Constitution. Corruption is Not to be tolerated, and if Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists, think they can Abuse our Systems to Destroy US from within, they are sadly mistaken. The US Military Forces are the Most Patriotic and Loyal Americans on the face of the Earth.


The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists, think that they can rig our elections, brainwash our children, choose what laws apply to them, choose what laws apply to everyone else, obstruct the incoming administration of the duly elected President, obstruct the will of the American People, obstruct the “draining of the swamp” of corruption, obstruct law enforcement, obstruct border security, obstruct immigration reform, weaken our US Military, increase Welfare Systems use to make US go bankrupt, increase immigrant population ( Both legal and illegal) to place further financial pressure on the public systems, to not require integration into our society, and to allow criminal gangs to destroy peace with violence, drugs, riots, and attacks on law enforcement officers and agencies. This is to forward their Evil Agenda and Create their New World Order. They can not have a Strong and Free United States of America, so they have infiltrated our Government and seek to Destroy US from within. This is not a conspiracy theory, but Fact. The Enemies of the United States of America are many, and we have survived many wars and conflicts. Our Leaders have allowed the United States of America to be weakened because of their Evil and Twisted Desires for Money and Power. The US Military Forces see this, and are prepared to Purge and Destroy these Evil Ones and their followers if Necessary.

Many Americans think we are headed to civil war. This may be true, but not in the sense of the previous civil war. In the past the US Military Forces were State Militias and not under the Direct control of the Federal Government. Today we have a large, highly advanced and well equipped standing armed forces, that are under the Direct control of the President and the federal government. We also have National Guard units under state control, with the President and the federal government able to call them to Active Duty, at any time. The US Military Forces can easily overcome any insurrection or uprising, and at this time this President is highly revered by them. Civil is out of the picture at this time, and the Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists know this, so they are attempting what is known as a soft coup. The Evil Ones are hoping to take over Congress, so they can gain control of the US Military, and issue stand down orders when try to incite their Civil War with their followers. The Evil Ones hope that when they take over Congress they can implement their Evil Agenda once more. These Evil Un-Americans think that they can overthrow this President and Destroy our Great Nation from within, so they can create their New World Order. The US Military Forces are probably prepared to take action if these Evil Ones make one of their moves, such as an attempted armed coup or assassination attempt. Martial Law will be declared and our US Military Forces will round them up and put them on Military Tribunals. The Forces of Evil, have taken control of US Enemy States, and are weakening our European Allies at this time. God/Allah/Yahweh is preparing Judgement Day, and the Prophecies are being Fulfilled.

May God/Allah/Yahweh Bless And Keep The Righteous Of The United States Of America Safe. May God/Allah/Yahweh Curse All The Evil Ones And Their Followers, And Bring Destruction To Their Evil Agenda.