Analyze The Data. 7-26-20.

Analyze The Data. 7-26-20. Do you know that the CDC keeps you from seeing this page on their own website?

US Covid cases 7-26-20
US Covid death 7-26-20

Here is another website that displays the data.

Do you know that the Common Flu infects 1 billion per year, or over 2.7 million per day? The Common Flu kills 3-4 million per year, or 8,200-10,900 per day? The United States of America has 39-56 million infections and 24,000-62,000 deaths every Flu season, and that means a little less than 211,000 cases per day, and 130 deaths per day on the low end. The Common Flu season is Oct 1 to Apr 4, which is 185 days.

What are the COVID-19 numbers over time?

World Covid cases 7-26-20
World Covid Cases 7-19-20
World Covid cases 7-11-20
World Covid 6-23-20
world Covid cases who 6-13-20

In 2 full months we have 8.7 million cases worldwide and 255,000 deaths worldwide. Last 8 days we have 1.7 million cases and 31,000 deaths worldwide. The Common Flu would be 21.6 million cases and 65,600 deaths in an 8 day period.

World Covid 7-19-20
World Covid death 7-11-20
world covid death 6-23-20
world covid death who 6-13-20



Many like to compare COVID-19 to the Spanish Flu, but that would mean 3 billion infected, and 300 million dead. People were dying hours to days later, and had none of the anti-viral medicines of today. Many people did not have electricity or automobiles, and the healthcare system and installations were far more primitive than today. Instead of handing out money, masks, and making everyone stay home, you could send hydroxychloroquine and zinc to every resident and instruct them to take it if they show symptoms. This would allow everything to re-open and give everyone the ability to fight the infection rapidly if contracted. The efforts at containment were thrown away, when the protests and riots were allowed. The spread can not be stopped or contained, and the distribution of effective medicines, can allow lives to be saved rapidly and cost effectively

Where are the huge numbers that they say we will have if we reopen? They call the rising numbers a surge, but in a normal flu season we see 200,000 to 300,000 cases every day. The healthcare professionals are failing to give you an accurate narrative, and we are tired of them making everyone afraid. The FDA and HHS are being sued by American Physicians, because they want the release of HCQ to them and the public.

The danger of COVID-19 to some is very real, and that group needs to be protected, but the 90-98% that are not at risk, or high risk, should be able to return to normal life. There will probably NOT be a viable vaccine, but an antibody cure is certainly possible if this data is correct.

Here are links to the major websites, so you can see the data, and read their disinformation.

Here is a good timeline and shows what we are saying about the data.

They say to use science, and here are statistics that they fail to inform you of.

We give you an update every week, and we are very irritated that healthcare professionals are creating fear and false narratives, instead of actual mortality and contagion rates, as well as effective treatments that do exist. The US can see 200,000 to 300,000 cases a day from a virus like the Common Flu, and the World can see 2.7 million cases a day. We do NOT see this yet because of the lockdowns, and as lockdowns are eased, we will. The healthcare professionals are denying American Physicians and the American People access to HCQ, even though there is evidence of its effectiveness. The Common Flu is a virus that can not be contained, and resurfaces every year, because it travels between the northern and southern hemispheres. Vaccines are usually dead or weak virus that is administered to the general population, to create mild cases that spread and build up herd immunity. The antibody cure is probably the best solution due to the way COVID-19 attacks the vulnerable, who are usually the ones who receive vaccines. The rise in cases is not producing a rise in deaths, so fear should be eased, and life return to normal, especially for those 45 and under who have an almost 0% mortality rate. 45 and above should be evaluated and appropriate precautions taken. The Common Flu returns, and we should expect Covid-19 to do the same. Look at the numbers, data, and ask yourself, why is it less than the Common Flu? If the healthcare professionals were correct, undeveloped countries should be seeing cases and deaths that should collapsing their systems, but this is NOT the case. Why? It is far less deadly, and contagious, than they are telling us. We saw the protests and riots worldwide, yet their scary narrative fails to manifests. Be at peace and do not panic, until the Common Flu returns, which will be their next pandemic.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.