Act Of War By Iran/Persia.

Act Of War By Iran/Persia. Evidence has now been presented by Saudi Arabia that Iranian drones and missiles were used in attack.

The destruction at the Saudi oil fields matches a long line of hostile acts by Iran. Attacks on oil tankers. Attacks on US Surveillance Drones. Attempted Attacks on US and British Naval vessels.

5% of the worlds oil has now been disrupted by this attack. Iran attacking Saudi Arabia is an act of war. The world has now been affected by the EVIL acts of Radical Islam/Iran/Persia.

It looks as if the King of the North may well be the United States of America. The USA is debating how to retaliate against Iran/Persia, now that it has attacked Saudi Arabia, an Ally, and affected the global energy markets.

God-Allah-Yahweh Protect Your Righteous And Faithful, And Punish The EVIL And UnRighteous. All Praise God-Allah-Yahweh.