CrowdStrike, The Word The Evil Do Not Speak.

CrowdStrike, The Word The Evil Do Not Speak. Read the Transcript.


The first company President Trump asked to be investigated was CrowdStrike, and wondering if they have the Server. They spoke of the ‘DeepState’ in each of their countries and the need to rid themselves of these ‘Operatives’. They spoke of ‘Drain The Swamp’ and how they would be assisting each other in this goal. They spoke of their Corrupt Ambassadors and how they were working against their Administrations.

Do you remember the ‘Hack of the DNC Email Servers’? Do you remember that the DNC did NOT allow the US Government or any of its agencies into the DNC Server? The only company that the DNC allowed into its Server was CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike said the DNC Server was ‘Hacked By Russia’. Guess what? They LIED and their phony results were put in the Jan 2017 Security Assessment.


The ‘Dirty Dossier’ was also included with the assessment by President Obama given to President-Elect Donald Trump.


You will also remember that President Obama ejected Russian Diplomats, Seized two Russian Properties in the US, and placed Sanctions on Russia for interference in the 2016 Election. This was a false provocation by President Obama against the Nation of Russia, to sabotage and frame President-Elect Donald Trump with colluding with Russia. One big problem, Russia never ‘Hacked’ the DNC Server.


Our Veteran Intelligence Officials proved that the ‘Hack’ never occurred.

The Evidence is also affirmed by this document.

The Attempted Coup has origins inside the Former Obama Administration and the company CrowdStrike to Frame Russia and US President Donald Trump so he could be Impeached and Removed, and Hillary Clinton could be installed as US President.

The EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists/Democrats/Liberals are seeking to Impeach US President Donald Trump, because they FEAR they are about to be Exposed and Indicted, so this is their Final Attempt to Effect the 2020 Election. The ‘DEEPSTATE’, ‘GLOBALISTS’, ‘COMMUNISTS’, ‘SOCIALISTS’, ‘EVIL CONSPIRATORS and CO-CONSPIRATORS’ are in ‘COMPLETE PANIC’ due to ‘CROWDSTRIKE’ Investigation and Exposure.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.