Conspiracy To Take Down President Trump.

Conspiracy To Take Down President Trump.

Conspiracy To Take Down President Trump. We, the American People, now have confirmation of the conspiracy to take down our President Trump. The DOJ IG report has texts showing the FBI agent and DOJ lawyer plotting to “Stop Him” meaning Donald J Trump, from being elected, and if elected, the insurance policy to ensure sabotaging his presidency and hopefully impeaching him. This was a coordinated effort that involved Former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, CIA, FBI, Fusion GPS, Foreign Intelligence Agencies and Agents, as well as many middlemen and entities. The corruption of the Obama Administration is beyond what many people believed possible.

Will we, the American People, see Justice served against these Traitors??? What good are laws if justice is ignored for breaking them??? It looks as if we will NOT see JUSTICE. They are Evil, Corrupt, Un-American, Deceitful, Traitors, but it appears that they are NOT held to the same laws we have always been told applied to ALL. The Justice System needs to be enforced. The Law Enforcement System needs to be enforced. It must be restored, or all is lost.

God gave us laws and he will punish us for breaking them. God Save America, And Bring Back The Equal Justice For All System, That Has Kept US In Your Good Graces. America Praise God.

Here are the various reports and forms that are evidence.

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