What Alien Technology We Have.

What Alien Technology We Have. Humanity has always sought Alien Technology because they believe it will impart them with Power. The Government collects any Alien Technology they can, because they fear the consequences of what others can do with it.

Some of the Alien Technology was actually developed by the German Nazi’s in world war 2. The Germans collected all the Alien Technology they could find on Earth and all the written records of it so they could exploit it for their Evil purposes. The ancient legends and writings have some basis of truth to them and the Germans were very intent to obtain all of it for themselves. Rockets, “ufo” look alikes, Vortex systems, genetics, drugs, nuclear weapons, submarine warfare, tanks, long range cannons, propaganda techniques, and many other things, were all results of their research and development. The greatest period of human technological development occurred after world war 2, and after the Roswell UFO crash.

Many reports and theories exist about Roswell being a flying saucer. It is said that it crashed after travelling 4-500 mph and its size being 15-20 ft. It was said to be glowing, having an oval appearance of 2 saucers or wash bins put together. This would seem to point more to the Nazi Technology. The stories that began spreading after, such as bodies recovered, that the foil could be crumpled and would return to original shape, that the foil could not be cut, that semiconductor and computer technologies were advanced with recovered material, that kevlar and velcro came from uniforms recovered, and that the military developed lasers, particle beams, stealth, and anti-gravity from the craft, seem to be false or at exaggerated. Solid state lasers have only existed recently. Our vehicles are not bullet/projectile proof. Our computer technology and devices are still highly susceptible to EM and EMP. We do not have efficient anti-gravity for we have seen no advancement beyond rocket/propulsion technology. The German Nazis may have developed VTOL technology but we do not see any designs capable of entering space. Today’s space program has only advanced to ion engines for propulsion in space and fuel/oxygen rocket propulsion is still used to enter space.

Good luck finding advanced technologies at Area 51. If they exist, than we are still unable to replicate or use them, because the military branches around the world would be using them to have an advantage over others.

This is where the United States of America stands at this time, with possible small advancements. The rest of the world is behind the technology of the USA. If we had UFO technologies, we would be using them or at least have them produced for use. We do NOT have the abilities of the smallest UFOs.

Here is your beginning technology to replace many of your existing technologies. Until it can be fully developed you can use this energy technology to replace solar, wind, and fuel technologies.

Enjoy this information and develop yourselves.