Ask The Scientists.

Ask The Scientists. There are many things the scientists have failed to research, study, or explain, but they are held in high esteem, and now they can not be questioned? The field of science is vast, and covers many topics, but where are the advances they always say are coming?

Where is the future they have spoken about for decades in science fiction novels? Where are the space hotels, the huge orbiting cities, the moon bases, the planetary bases, the asteroid mining, the travel to other stars, the fusion generators, antigravity, the end of death, the end of cancer, the end of the common cold, the end of famine, the end of war, the end of ignorance, the end of drought, the end of fossil fuel use, the end of addiction, the end of EVIL, the end of persecution, and many more things that were supposed to be solved? The scientists have failed to make progress in many areas, so why are we unable to question them?

The International Space Station, that houses less than 10 people, and has been in orbit 20 years, is the only manned space station for this planet.

We still use rockets to access space, which means that massive fuel amounts are required to travel relatively small cosmic distances, especially manned flight.

The scientists have not created craft capable of antigravity, yet Nazi Germany did create craft similar, that were confused with this effect.

The Nazi Bell was said to be used in tests of Time, Gravity, Radiation, Antigravity, and Field Generation. The Nazi Bell and its associated research have never been found or disclosed to the public. What is it and what was its purpose?

The stories from the far past, and even the last one hundred years, show that we are not alone, and we are not the first or most advanced.




The UFOs are vehicles that have had many names throughout history. Fire chariot, pillar of fire, pillar of cloud, dragons, clouds, wheels, flying saucers, chariots of the gods, extraterrestrial vehicles, angel wings, ships of heaven, and many other names. Angel means Messenger, and UFOs have given US many messages. They told US about fluorocarbons making a hole in the atmosphere. The scientists said, there is no hole, or we would lose our atmosphere. Upon further investigation, ozone and its hole, were discovered and proven. They told US the Sun had a magnetic field. Our scientists said it did not, but they were wrong, it does. They told US that the magnetic field of earth flips. The scientists said that was a lie, but upon further investigation, it was found to be true. The scientists lie, but the angels tell the truth.

The scientists are so stupid and ignorant, because they specialize in only one field of science, and are unable to see the developments necessary to move forward to the next stage. I have two more stages inside my head, and have stagnated my own development for the last 30 years, to teach you the necessary next step. You have no idea how easy it is to destroy a race, to destroy a planet, or even destroy a sun or solar system. God-Allah-Yahweh did one of the hardest things possible, to create and sustain life. I have faith in God-Allah-Yahweh, as a Leader-King-God, as a great teacher-scientist-father, and as a great superior-intellect-thinker. Most of Humanity is just primitive animals that only survive as animals. Some of Humanity is semi-advanced in technology, but still primitive, so it seeks conquest and subjugation of those considered weaker and peaceful. A little bit of Humanity is semi-advanced in technology, peaceful in nature, and does not seek conquest or subjugation of the rest of the world, but is ready to defend its people from those who seek to conquer them.

God-Allah-Yahweh created a nation called the United States of America, and inspired its leaders to give its people rights and freedoms that were protected by its laws. The United States of America was created upon the laws-commandments-covenants of God-Allah-Yahweh, and the teachings of a man said to be the Son of God, and the Messiah. Jesus of Nazareth, was born as heir to the throne of Israel, or King of the Jews. He was a Rabbi, a teacher of the Scriptures of the God of Abraham. He was also a healer-doctor-surgeon of great skill. He fulfilled the prophecies written about him, but he did so with knowledge of Heaven and God-Allah-Yahweh. He carved and carried his own cross, to his death. Upon his own request? Before he died, he said ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do’. He had judged Humanity as primitive and undeveloped, with few even knowing how to read and write, much less how to spread the true words of God-Allah-Yahweh to the people. The Jews did not know the teachings, and the Sanhedrin were not teaching the population properly. God-Allah-Yahweh has a strange way of revealing his plans to his chosen, through the written words. Jesus taught the concept of forgiveness and family love. He gave US the Our Father Prayer, and the body and blood ritual. The Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Caring, of God-Allah-Yahweh were taught to the world, so some of Humanity might embrace the same behavior and become worthy of Heaven and its rewards.

We are in the EndTimes, and all the signs are coming to pass. The EVIL say that US President Trump is the AntiChrist and that by his actions he is trying to bring about the Judgement Day. Former US President Obama is the one who tried to make the United States of America give up God-Allah-Yahweh, raised racial tensions, attempted to bankrupt the nation, give away the nation to non-citizens, teach the children to hate the nation, depleted the military to weaken its defense, and sold off the nations assets and made himself rich. The signs given by God-Allah-Yahweh for the EndTimes are the celestial objects falling or shifting in the sky. The sun and moon are rising and setting in different positions now. The Coronavirus Pandemic has stopped the Daily Sacrifice of many religions, ushering in another EndTime Prophecy. US President Trump is a tool of God-Allah-Yahweh, to Save and Restore the USA, to the values of GOOD and Righteousness. The EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals hate US President Trump so much and have been unable to defeat him, that he must be Blessed and Protected by God-Allah-Yahweh. The funny part is that the DOJ and FBI have allowed the EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals to escape indictments, court, and prison, even though the evidence is overwhelming against them.

The Scientists, the Professors, the Teachers, the Rabbis, the Priests, the Imams, the Rulers, the Kings, the Leaders, the Healers, the Doctors, the Nurses, you have all been given people to care for, and shall be held accountable for how you cared for them.

Did you teach them the truth? Did you teach them lies? Did you teach them the laws? Did you teach them to obey the laws? Did you teach them to disobey the laws? Did you teach them what is good for them? Did you teach them what is bad for them? Did you teach them what God-Allah-Yahweh taught? Did you teach them what Satan-Devil-Serpent taught? Did you teach them right from wrong? Did you teach them what is Righteous? Did you teach them what is EVIL? Did you teach them to walk the Righteous Path that leads to Heaven? Did you teach them the EVIL Path that leads to Hell? Did you teach them how to heal themselves? Did you teach them how to hurt themselves? Did you teach them about the Prophets? Did you teach them about the False Prophets? Did you teach them about the prophecies? Did you teach them all the prophecies? Did you teach them how to save lives? Did you teach them how destroy lives? Did you teach them about peace and war? Did you teach them about Love and Hate? Did you teach them to conquer? Did you teach them to surrender? Did you teach them about Life and Death? Did you teach them about pain and suffering? Did you teach them about drugs and addiction? Did you teach them about Heaven and Hell?

I am unable to teach you my other technologies, because they are built upon my first, and you are not learning it. I do not know if you are even capable of understanding it. Everything about it is really simple, and able to change your technological development to the next level. You learned about electricity, and how to manipulate electrons to perform work, but metals are heavy and the electrons tend to travel only on the surface. Photons are everywhere in the universe, and able to travel billions of light years. If mankind were to build a spaceship that acted like a photon, then the speed of light can be obtained and interstellar space travel becomes efficient and real. Opto-electronics are being developed, but photonic circuitry will be the ultimate outcome. The production and manipulation of photons is the next step in Humanity’s Technological Development. Fusion, Antigravity, Directed Energy, Directed Magnetism, Photonic Radar, Photonic Communications, Photonic Computing, New Material Development, and many more advances are possible.

These are much more efficient than solar and wind, and take up far less space. What if we improve the design and operation? Can it allow the reduction or elimination of fossil fuel?

The CoronaVirus Pandemic is real, but it is no where as bad as people think. The Common Flu has a higher infection rate, and a higher death rate. We have preventatives that reduce the chances of catching the virus. Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc, and Quercetin and Zinc, as well as some other antiviral and antiparasitics. We have treatments if you catch the virus. The Regeneron Antibody Cocktail was used on the US President when he became infected with the virus. He recovered in 4 days. He is in the 65 and older category as well. Did you know that you have a greater chance of dying from the Common Flu?

Science and the Scientists, need to start to be honest and truthful with the people. I analyze the data, and the numbers, and what I see is mostly propaganda and disinformation, because when broken down weekly, we see the Common Flu as a much greater threat. I have not seen the predicted infections, which should be about 2-3 billion worldwide, and deaths should be in the hundreds of millions. I have not seen the collapse of third world nations, and the uncontrollable spread of this deadly virus. I have not heard of deathcarts and people dying hours after contracting the virus. The mortality rate for those over 65 is higher than normal, but the mortality rate for those under 45 is far below normal. The masks and social distancing, have not created lesser numbers than other parts of the world, so why is it being encouraged? Masks are unsafe, if used improperly, and can even lead to death. Do you know how to use a mask properly? The closing down of society and economies due to a virus that has a 94.7% or higher recovery rate is absolutely crazy and idiotic. The Spanish Flu had a mortality rate of 33-50%, which meant that if you caught it, you had a recovery rate of 50-66%, which is far less than Covid-19. The Scientists are not sharing this with the general population, and are generating fear and anxiety for unscientific reasons. Coughing and sneezing into a mask and then touching the mask, causes the virus to spread to your hands, and then anything you touch can cause someone to become infected. Your hands are probably the most common form of catching and spreading the virus, but gloves are not being pushed on the public.

Here is a stupid and idiotic statement that carries great meaning and warning. Lovers should abstain from any contact. You should not caress or hold each other, and should only hold hands if gloves are worn by both. You should not kiss or have sexual intercourse, because your bodily fluids may cause transmission or contraction of the virus. You should sleep in separate rooms wearing N95 masks or better. If you must sleep in the same room, it should be in different beds, having N95 masks or better but also having full smock, gloves, booties, caps, and shields. Anything less than this is risking your life or the life of your lover. We expect adherence to these rules, or you will be charged with attempted murder if your lover tests positive.

The true response should be, to send HCQ and Zinc to all residents inside the country and instruct them to take them at the first signs of symptoms, and then to have themselves tested for the virus. If the result is positive, then an 4 mg dose of the Regeneron Antibody Cocktail should be administered if under age 65 and 8 mg dose if over 65. This should then allow life to return to normal and the virus will be controlled, but it can not be contained, as the Common Flu can not be contained either. The Scientists should be suggesting something similar to this.

The Global Warming is a false narrative, in that it is manmade. The magnetic poles of the planet are about to flip, and this is causing holes inside the strength of its magnetic field, which is allowing higher energy levels to reach the surface and cause the melting, also the small shifting of the surface has moved the existing ice partial outside the true polar cap area. The increase in seismic and volcanic activity is also an indicator that the interior magnetic core may be preparing to shift. None of this can be manmade, but it is planetary and celestial. The scientists should be putting out the truth so preparations can be made, but those are probably already in motion with the rich and powerful to be the members saved.

This is our world today and we want you to have the truth.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.