Globalism Destroys Nations.

Globalism Destroys Nations. Globalism is the concept of everyone living on a planet or globe, being under one central government, living under one set of laws, and eventually having one language, one religion, and allegiance to Humanity as a race, and Earth as a nation. The problem is the central government, because the leader or leaders, always tend to be inferior beings, that do not put the welfare of the People or Planet, ahead of their own selfish and often ignorant concepts. They will not develop themselves to be the best leaders, and they will fail to see the ‘big picture’ needed for the continuation of the People, and the conservation of the Planet.

Today we see the earth having a population of 7.8 billion people. The population 50 years ago was 2 billion people. If the following trend continues, in another 50 years, the population will be 31.2 billion people. The Planet Earth can not sustain today’s population, and many food source species are going extinct. Globalists today are failing to see the truth of the crisis. The climate change we are seeing, is not man-made. If it were man-made, then the solution is simple, kill off half the population and half the demand, so you remove half the stress on the Planet. We hear we only have 9 years left, so this solution would give us 25 years more. They have shown no evidence for their 9 years left statement.

We have been telling you for years the problems you face.

Within these articles you see that electricity can be produced without requiring any fuel. A battery starts a motor, that turns a generator, or generator-flywheel, and when operational speed is reached, the generator produces enough electricity to run the motor with enough excess electricity to power, homes, vehicles, businesses, satellites, space stations, and many other applications. Solar and wind are inferior, being super expensive, very large, and unable to produce electricity 24-7-365. Here are proof of concept devices.

These technologies allow the ecology globalists their world without fossil fuels and the pollution from them. So why are they not promoting their use and development? The next step is using photons-light as electricity. Powerful magnets can be created, and fusion and magnetic field drives, can be made a reality. Globalism should promote space travel, star travel, and the expansion of humanity to many planets around many stars, so no extinction event can destroy the whole race. Globalism brought to its ultimate form, so the destruction of the race by natural or man-made events will not occur. The Kingdom of Heaven, is set up this way, and has survived under the leadership of God-Allah-Yahweh for millions and possibly billions of years. Here is a simple, but very powerful technology, that can also assist Humanity and the Planet.

Here is the light as electricity technology beginnings.

The purpose of globalism is to unite all Humanity, and act as a single species, instead of many nations and races. The common problems faced by Humanity and the common threats to the Planet, are supposed to be solved by Globalism? Well guess what? The globalists have not made themselves into the leaders required by globalism, for it to function properly. They have actually evaluated that Humanity has created the climate changes we are currently experiencing, and that is wrong. We told you this before.

Today we have EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals-Satanists, who want the destruction of Humanity and think that they will be rewarded for doing so. They will not. The God of Abraham, God-Allah-Yahweh, Ruler of Heaven and Earth, gave us predictions-prophecies-holy texts, that give us chronological events that shall and must occur and be fulfilled.

The globalism today has been distorted and radicalized, just like the many religions of the world have their radicals too. The people of humanity, must learn truth from lie, so they can advance forward, instead of backwards. We see shifts in the balance of power among the nations of the world, but we do not see true globalism from many of the people, because they are following and pursuing lies and deceptions that will lead to their destruction and that of many others. The preparations for the shifting of the magnetic poles, is not being pursued as a global event, and therefore it must be because the leaders of the world, want the people ignorant and unaware, so most will be destroyed. This is the globalism of today.

Have faith and pursue good works, because it is the only chance most of US have.

This the current news today.

We bring you hope, knowledge, and wisdom, and pray that God-Allah-Yahweh finds you worthy.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.