Check The Systems.

Check The Systems. The US Voting Systems, especially the Dominion Voting Systems, were used to rig-fix the 2020 US Elections. The US federal and state Election Laws and Regulations, have been broken, and officials are not ensuring the integrity of the elections. For those who think that this is made up, open your eyes.

Here are some very damning testimony, evidence, analysis, and even manuals.






The 2020 US Elections have been compromised, the US Voting Machines have been compromised, the US Voting Systems software may be compromised, and foreign adversaries may have compromised all our government networks, federal, state, and local. The systems and machines are compromised, therefore any election results are also compromised. US Elections are contested and compromised, and no results can be confirmed as accurate and true, unless all the machines are examined, all the data and logs are confirmed to have no irregularities, and the parameters are within Federal Election Commission laws and regulations.

This does not include the massive voter fraud that we have seen, which is another issue. The funniest being, mailing out 1.8 million ballots, and receiving 2.5 million back. Also 155 million votes cast, and only 119 million registered voters. Video showing ballots being scanned after counting supposedly stopped for the night. Chains of custody, lost and missing. The fraudulent activities are numerous, and some quite large.

Compromised. If the US Voting Machines and Software are compromised, than the Election is compromised. The 2020 US Elections, that used Dominion Voting Systems, will all have to be thrown out, not just the 2020 US Presidential Election. The areas that had allegations of massive ballot dumps, require full audits of their voting systems, and an audit of their Surveillance systems, and security systems. If the systems and logs have been compromised in any way, than the results from that area must be thrown out, and the elections must be redone, or awarded to the opponent that was targeted and wrongfully declared the loser. Many local, state, and federal elections have been compromised. The evidence continues to grow that we are correct and the 2020 US Elections were not the most secure, but the most compromised and fraudulent in US History. In just the US Presidential Election, 8,500,000 votes may have been taken from US President Trump and shifted to Candidate Biden, due to the compromises placed inside the Dominion Voting Systems and software. When corrected, that would give US President Trump 8,500,000 more votes and take 8,500,000 from Candidate Biden, effectively showing 82,713,015 votes for Trump and 72,767,708 votes for Biden. This does not include corrections for the removal of massive ballot dumps, if proved.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.