The Future Of The United States Of America.

The Future Of The United States Of America. President Trump gave his 2019 State of the Union Address and reaffirmed the Values and direction of the USA.

The economy is strong and firing on all cylinders. 5.300,000 new jobs have been created since President Trump was elected. 600,000 of those are manufacturing jobs. The GDP will be above 3.0. Unemployment is at its lowest in 50 years. More people are now working than ever in history 156,000,000.

The US Military has announced that readiness is almost at its objectives. We do not hear about jets and helicopters falling out of the sky regularly like before. We do not hear about ships colliding like before. The war in Syria against ISIS is almost over. The war in Afghanistan is in political negotiations to hopefully bring an end to it. The negotiations with North Korea are still ongoing and still no nuke or missile testing. The ongoing sanctions and negotiations with many nations has made military response by our troops a less frequent response.

The illegal immigration problem and immigration reform are being battled at this time in Congress because of President Trumps demands for it. The securing of the southern border is a must. The closing of loopholes that are being abused is a must. Once the system has been fixed then the levels of legal immigration and refugees can be increased to meet demand.

The healthcare issues are being battled in Congress and some progress has been made that benefits the American People. Further actions are still required.

Capitalism has been reaffirmed as the American Way. The concepts of fascism, communism, socialism, and Radical Islam, have been rejected by the American People and are Not the American Way for they take away from the Freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution.


The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists have programmed our youth to think that Social Security, Medicare, MedicAid, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Etc are socialism programs. They are Not. Social Security is a benefit that people pay into their entire lives, but there are sections that have been prone to fraud that must be addressed. Medicare is a benefit given to our elderly, and they pay for that out of their social security benefits. MedicAid is a system that is jointly State/Federal funded to benefit the poor and disabled, but there is fraud that must be addressed. Food Stamps is a program that was created to help families when hard times hit. It was never meant to be a permanent benefit and has massive fraud issues that are being addressed. Unemployment is based on payroll taxes and meant to help during transition between jobs. Programs such as public schools, are city/state paid for with the federal government overseeing minimums and providing various grant programs.

Socialism is when the government owns and controls the various systems. The concept of Medicare for All could only work if the federal government took control of all private hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and ambulatory care, etc. The concept of free education would require the federal government to take control of all schools, colleges, and vocational schools, Etc. Communism is similar to socialism, but adds a ruling class that receives the most gains, while the working class receives only minimum. Fascism is the military state that controls everything and destroys anything that it does not agree with. Fascism requires conquest of others to sustain itself, and has been the cause of the two world wars. Radical Islam is Fascism with a religious doctrine controlling the military state. Globalism is Communism on a global scale. A One World Order controlled by an Elite Class.

The Evil Un-American Radical Democrat/Globalists have sought the destruction of the United States of America from within, because no other country on Earth can conquer the USA, due to our Constitution, our armed population, and our powerful US Military. President Trump is restoring the United States of America, and continues to implement policies that our founding fathers created to protect this great republic from those who would destroy it. The Swamp is deep and large, and must be drained due to corruption that has been allowed to enter the systems. The Oversight responsibilities have been ignored, and rules, regulations, and laws, have been created to benefit others instead of the American People. We also see many laws being broken by the corrupted agencies, and are awaiting the restoration of Rule of Law, and Equal Justice Under the Law. The Evil must be purged or we are going to lose our great republic to it.

Are You Worthy???

God/Allah/Yahweh is the Immortal Living God, and Ruler of Heaven and Earth. The religions of the Earth have become corrupt and immoral in their teachings. They say God/Allah/Yahweh is a spirit, and that Heaven is a dimension that our Soul/spirit enters upon death. They say the Angels of Heaven are spirits also. They say that they have the power of absolution, and can grant you access to Heaven. They say that you will be granted the Gifts of God/Allah/Yahweh if you listen and follow their teachings. They are lying to you. God/Allah/Yahweh has taken those worthy Prophets and Children to Heaven in the Flesh. They did Not enter Heaven through Death. The Priests/Mullahs/Rabbis were tasked with teaching the world about God/Allah/Yahweh and the laws that you must follow to enter Heaven. They have become Evil instead of guiding their flocks from Evil. They promise gifts and status in a dimension entered upon death that does not exist. They have given themselves powers that they do Not have. They have taught the people wrong and they shall be punished for this. The Day of Judgement is coming soon and you must prepare yourselves. Learn to read and write. Read the Holy texts and learn right from wrong. Pray to God/Allah/Yahweh To Show You The Path Of Righteousness. Stay on the path your entire life, and know that you will be given life again and allowed to enter Heaven to receive the promised gifts. This is what they were instructed to tell you. May God/Allah/Yahweh Guide You To Righteousness And Truth.

Blessing From God/Allah/Yahweh.