The EVIL vs The Righteous.

The EVIL vs The Righteous. The EVIL have stolen-rigged the 2020 US Elections. The US Election Machines were updated by the manufacturer on the night before the election and on election day. This means that the machines were connected to the internet, and the manufacturer had remote access to them. Does this make you confident in the US Election? The machines were not re-certified after the update as required. All votes and tabulations from those machines are supposed to be invalid. Where are the manufacturer’s servers located? Are they inside the United States of America, or outside? Are the machines and servers capable of manipulating ballots, votes, and tabulations? How do you verify that postal and election personnel are not manipulating the election system? Banks and casinos protect themselves with expensive surveillance systems that can catch cheaters, thieves, as well as monitor employees and customers to assure proper behavior. Voting and counting stations, should all have been surveilled, and those systems records should be obtained before the system overwrites it. Can the machines be manipulated? Can the software be manipulated? Guess what? It can.

Do you think the EVIL and their followers are gloating and think they have gotten away stealing-manipulating the US Elections? What happens if they get away with these crimes? The EVIL and their followers will seek to weaken the USA by allowing illegals, drugs, terrorists, criminals, and other smuggling. They will seek to raise taxes, but the rich, and the corporations they control will move out of the USA, leaving the poor with nothing but the bills. They will defund the various law enforcement and military agencies. They will give away or sell the assets of the USA. They will indoctrinate and radicalize the children in school. They will take away the rights and freedoms of the American People. They will seek to bankrupt the USA by selling USAID to the highest bidder. They will seek to create their New World Order, also known as the One World Order, less well known as the Fourth Reich.

Do you wonder if the United States of America will be put in the hands of the EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals again? We also wonder too. Will Iran, China, and Radical Terrorism, be able to weaken and control the USA? Will Joe Biden be charged with collusion with foreign powers? Will he be charged with Treason if he or his family sells US assets to enemies of the USA? Will he be assassinated while in office? Will he be removed by the 25th amendment? We have many questions. God-Allah-Yahweh knows how events will turn out, but we can only guess.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.