The Money Was Never Looked At.

The Money Was Never Looked At. Where did all the money spent during the Obama Administration go? $10 trillion dollars was added to the national debt, but where did it all go? The US Military had aircraft falling out of the sky and ships colliding with other ships. The money did not go there. The Veterans Administration had many problems that were causing the deaths of thousands of US Veterans. The money did not go there. The United States Economy should have seen massive economical advancement with that much money, but instead saw massive unemployment, massive welfare and disability, and massive amounts of companies and corporations moving out of the United States. The money did not go there.

Everything about following the money, has been ignored when it involves anyone and everyone, other then US President Trump and his supporters. USAID was abused and US Assets and Technologies were sold off to US enemies. The scandals of US Politicians and their families, making huge sums of money needs to be looked into. The evidence of abuse of power is also evident, and not being looked into.

The main question for most Americans, why is it so hard to stop the corruption inside the US Government? Why do our own politicians commit treasonous acts, and get away with them? Why are the law enforcement, and justice systems, failing inside the USA? What is needed to discover, purge, and destroy, the EVIL that threatens to destroy the USA from the outside and the inside? If the USA fails, then the world fails. If the world fails, then humanity fails. If humanity fails, then God-Allah-Yahweh will cleanse them from the earth, and make a new creation to replace them.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.