False Evidence Created False Investigation.

False Evidence Created False Investigation.

False Evidence Created False Investigation. Evil People are trying to stop a God/Allah/Yahweh Appointed President of the United States. God/Allah/Yahweh is trying to save as many people as possible before the coming Judgement Day. God/Allah/Yahweh is giving people the chance to redeem themselves before the big day. The Righteous of God/Allah/Yahweh can soon rejoice, for the Kingdom of Heaven is about to be open unto you. The Prophecies of old, are coming to pass, and it is sad that so many have lost their way and the teachings.

The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists have colluded together to attempt to destroy the United States of America, so they can set up their New World Order. The Mueller Investigation has done nothing to forward the principles of Law and Order, and of Fair and Equal Justice. The World and the American People are looking at this sham of an investigation and seeing only Evil People getting away with Crimes, while the Righteous People are being Persecuted, Ridiculed, and Shamed. God/Allah/Yahweh is working through President Trump, and We, The American People, Must put our Faith, Prayers, and Protestations to him. We must strive to remain Righteous and show God/Allah/Yahweh that we deserve to enter Heaven and are Worthy to Receive his Promised Gifts. We must seek the Truth, and learn to bring Lies and Deceptions to Light. The Battle Between Good and Evil is Ongoing and Reaching a Desperate Point in our History and Development.

The Evidence against the Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists is overwhelming, but we see few interviews, few investigations, No indictments, No prosecutions, and No Justice. When will Justice be served to those who attempted to Destroy our Great Republic, and our Great President??? When will the Rule of Law and Equal Justice For All, be re-established???

The DNC server emails began this Russia narrative, yet the FBI never seized the server for forensics. The Obama Administration blamed the Russians, but how can they be sure without ever going into the server??? The Obama Administration obtained Illegal FISA warrants on Carter Page so they could spy on President Trump’s Campaign, Transition, and Administration. The Obama Administration, Clinton Campaign, and DNC, all colluded to cover up, Uranium One, FISA abuses, Election Rigging, Arms Dealings, Drug Smuggling, Human Smuggling, Colluding with Russia, Colluding with Iran, Colluding and Funding Terrorists, Destroying our Healthcare System, Depleting our Military, Giving Away our Republic/Nation to Foreigners, Destroying Law Enforcement, Spying on US Citizens, Colluding with Ally and Foreign Spy Agencies, Spending so much to bring Insolvency/Bankruptcy to US, Weaponizing FBI, CIA, IRS, and DOJ, and many more scams and schemes. The Evidence is in the Daily Presidential Briefings, but those are locked up in the Archives or Obama Library. The Evidence is also in the DNC server. The Evidence is also in the NSA Databases. The Evidence is also on the email servers of all their Private Emails used for Government Business. The Evidence is also on the Clinton Aides Devices. The Evidence is also on the Democratic Caucus Server. The Evidence is also on the Backup of the Hillary Clinton Private Server. The Evidence is on the Podesta Laptop. The Evidence is on the Weiner Laptop. So where is all this evidence today? Why is it not seized and searched??? What ever happened about the FICA and the Trump Server being pinged by the hacked Russian Bank Server??? What ever happened to the records of requests made to British Intelligence and others???

You can also check these links for evidence and stories from the beginning of this sham they are pulling on the World and The American People.

God Bless And Save The United States of America. God Restore Law And Order, And Justice, In The World. God Bless Your Army Of Righteousness. God Curse Those Who Are Evil And Lead Others To Evil. The Righteous Of The World Praise God/Allah/Yahweh.