The Battle To Restore The United States Of America.

The Battle To Restore The United States Of America. We told you that God-Allah-Yahweh is Real, and that he is using his mighty hand to show US what he desires.

The Obama Administration sought to destroy faith in God-Allah-Yahweh, sought to destroy Israel, sought to destroy and weaken the United States of America, sought to strengthen the enemies of the USA, sought to radicalize our USA children to hate our country, and sought to destroy the United States Constitution by appointing Radical Judges and Justices that would legislate from the bench. The EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals, have chosen to make God-Allah-Yahweh their enemy, and they have no chance of defeating him. God-Allah-Yahweh has entered the battle, so many of you can be saved at the Judgement Day that is coming.

Prayers are being answered, and the EVIL are being exposed and many are being struck down. God-Allah-Yahweh created many religions to teach his laws and prophecies. God-Allah-Yahweh is the God of Abraham, and the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions, all worship him. The EVIL have created Radicals in all these religions, so they may view each other as enemies, and therefore sin and fight against each other. The Unbelievers are those who worship false gods and teach false doctrines. God-Allah-Yahweh is the Immortal Living God and Ruler of Heaven and Earth. God-Allah-Yahweh gave US laws and covenants, and set up the structure of the Earth and Heaven, and taught US the path of Righteousness and how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

May God-Allah-Yahweh Prepare US For His Judgement Day. May All Of Humanity, Worship, Praise, And Give Thanks, To God-Allah-Yahweh, For His Wisdom, Intelligence, Power, Love, And Teachings.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.