Spying. The Story Is Bigger Than We Think.

Spying. The Story Is Bigger Than We Think.

Spying. The Story Is Bigger Than We Think. Not only were US Intelligence assets used, but also those of Allies and possibly Russia. The United States of America is under attack by forces both foreign and domestic. The Former President Obama Administration did spy on Trump Towers via British Intelligence.

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As you can see, the Entire Obama Administration including Former President Obama, have lied to everyone, and some have lied under oath. Aug 2016 til at least Inauguration Day, possibly beyond. What were the hostile Russian actors? Why was an American FISA needed at the same time period?

The answer is the Swamp, and not just the American Swamp. They were all using the Clinton Email Server to do their corrupt dealings with each other. The greatest fear of the Corrupt Officials is that there is a trail of their corrupt dealings. The election of President Trump and his vows to Drain The Swamp, have all of them in a panic. This is why Former President Obama went to all the countries President Trump did. If I were President Trump I would have FISAs placed on all Obama Administration Officials and watch them all trying to hide evidence.

The DNC server has still not been impounded and searched for evidence, and this is probably due to them having to use it, after Hillary Clintons illegal server was seized. Also what about the Democrat Server in the Capitol? What about the investigation into the hacked Russian Bank server that was pinging the Trump server? What about the Daily Intelligence reports that are at the Obama Library? What about the other email addresses used by Former President Obama and his entire administration? What about the NSA database and securing their communications that are stored there? What about their communications with Russia and Iran and all the kickbacks? If foreign actors hacked the Clinton Email Server how come we do not see anyone coming forward with the missing emails? That is probably the biggest threat they have and the main reason President Trump was “wiretapped”. If you remember, President Trump offered 5 million dollars for the missing emails. All of these investigations are a smoke screen set up by the Corrupt Swamp because they fear President Trump will order the investigations and they will be in real trouble. Carter Page is probably a human asset because he used to be a former Naval Intelligence officer. All of this stinks to high heaven and at the highest levels. This is the reason they are trying to take out President Trump, any way they can.

The hand of God is showing itself because all the plans of the Corrupt Swamp are coming to light and soon the truth will be known. May God Take Out The Enemies Of The United States And Bring Back The Rule Of Law. Praise Be To God.