We Are NOT Idiots !!!

We Are NOT Idiots !!! The Dept of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have failed the American People. The Clinton Email Scandal showed more than just Clinton Corruption. Why have we NOT heard of all the email abuses that have been shown to have occurred ?? Former President Obama was communicating under barack@obama.com and many others of his administration were using private email. Have their private emails been seized and searched ?? Why not ?? There is much evidence out there but no one seems to wish to pursue it. The Mueller investigation is a sham, simply because Mueller has failed to pursue any evidence of wrongdoing by democrats. Dereliction of Duty applies because he has failed to pursue all evidence in relation to Russian interference. DNC server never seized and searched. Leads from Clinton Emails never pursued. Leads from Awan never pursued. Leads from fake Russian dossier not pursued. Leads from false evidence introduced to FISA court not pursued. What about Obama, Lynch, Rice, Powers, Brennan, Comey, and Clapper, in regards to FISA ??

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What about the DNC hack that was not hacked ?? What about Guccifer 2.0 not being Russian ?? What about the destroyed evidence ?? What about the evidence that is going missing now ?? What about the Trump server that was being pinged by the Russian Bank server ?? What about the Democrats seeking dirt from Ukraine ?? What about Senator Warner seeking Christopher through Russians ?? What about Senator McCain and his involvement in the dossier ?? What about Rep Schiff and his talking to the Russians ?? What about the false evidence and illegal surveillance being undertaken against US Citizens ?? Guess, none of that matters ??

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President Trump, You Need to take charge and clear out the executive branch. Rule of Law, and Equal Justice must be restored. The United States of America is doomed if the corruption is not Pursued, Investigated, Prosecuted, and Sentenced. God Help You If You Fail To Restore Law And Order. God Bless And Save America.

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