Where Are The High Numbers?

Where Are The High Numbers? The Health Officials said that we would see high numbers of deaths and that mitigation and social distancing was the only way to save millions of lives. The United States of America is showing the largest number of infections and deaths, with mitigation and social distancing. Why? If the Health Officials were correct, then the rest of the world should be seeing overwhelming infections and deaths due to poorer and inadequate healthcare facilities and personnel. We DO NOT see this in the numbers.

You idiots have shut down everything, and are causing more damage to the global economies, for a disease that is less than the Common Flu. The Common Flu infects 1 billion people and kills 3-4 million people globally every year. When this CoronaVirus COVID-19 first was detected, it was reported to be at least 2 times more contagious than the Common Flu, and have a mortality rate of 3% or higher. They said that there were no treatments or preventatives, that our healthcare facilities would be overwhelmed, and that there were inadequate ICU beds and ventilators, as well as inadequate PPE. The numbers tell a very different story now, and yet you still listen to the idiots that have failed to admit they are wrong, and change their course of action.

COVID-19 is NOT deadly to children, young and middle-aged adults, or those that are healthy with no underlying medical conditions. The Elderly and Sickly are the only ones that require mitigation and social distancing, because they are the most susceptible, not the general population. Also, we have enough PPE and ventilators for our healthcare personnel, as well as a preventative and treatment that works on COVID-19. The general population is being told to use antibacterial soaps constantly, yet it is known that the use of antibiotics and antibacterials in excess can cause super strains that are immune to these. The general population is being told to where masks constantly, yet are failing to tell you that those must be changed every 8 hours, and they can increase bacterial infections especially in the lungs. The general population is being told to use disinfectants often in their homes, but they are not being warned that breathing them in can cause lung damage and can cause chemical poisoning, if not properly ventilated or prolonged skin exposure. Why are they failing the general population?













common flu 4-18-20
common flu 4-11-20
common flu 12-14-20

They want you to believe that mitigation and social distancing have worked to save the USA. Where are the numbers increasing around the world? Where are the numbers increasing in the southern hemisphere? Where are the millions dead around the world? The numbers are NOT even that of the common flu. The healthcare systems are not overwhelmed. Children and young adults have nearly a 0% chance of dying, unlike the common flu. We know by testing that 10-20% of the population in the US has been infected already. That makes US infections to be 33-66 million people, which is equal to or double a normal flu season with only 64,000 deaths. 5-10-20 we are at 75,000 deaths. 5-25-20 we are at 95,863 deaths.

The numbers 5-3-20 are as follows: 3,318,755 world infections, and 236,431 world deaths, and 1,092,815 US infections, and 64,283 US deaths.

The Numbers 5-10-20 are as follows: 3,884,434 world infections, and 272,859 world deaths, and 1,245,775 US infections, and 75,364 US deaths.

The Numbers 5-25-20 are as follows: 5,307,298 world infections, and 342,070 world deaths, and 1,592,599 US infections, and 95,863 US deaths.












The scientists and healthcare professionals need to explain how the numbers justify the actions they have suggested, and what they have failed to tell the general population about cures, antibodies, treatments, preventatives, contagion rates, mortality rates, and the dangers associated with keeping sustained mitigation and social distances protocols. What are the odds of checking and dying from COVID-19? A lot less than they want you to believe. What are the dangers of prolonged use of PPE that is not properly caleaned or changed? A lot higher than they want you to believe. The high numbers in the United States of America are due to bad advice from supposed healthcare professionals and scientists. The real scientists put out accurate information and analyze the numbers to make sure their models and theories are correct. Why are we listening to quacks and hacks?

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.