Moving Forward.

Moving Forward. You are supposed to advance in technology to improve society. Why do you remain stagnant, or push dead end technologies? You have forgotten math, science, technology, and even history. You need to become smarter, and not revert to primitive behavior.

1.Have you actually looked at the numbers? Do you realize that the United States of America has the highest numbers of cases and deaths? Do you realize the USA has the best healthcare system and only 5% of the world population? Either the USA is reporting false data, or people inside the USA have intentionally spread the COVID-19 to the US Population. The USA has 25% of cases and deaths in the world. Why are the numbers so low for the 95% of world population? Do your research.

2. We see protests and riots around the world, with hyped up outrage against the Police and Law Enforcement. First, we acknowledge that there are ‘bad cops’ that need to be removed once they are identified. Second, our Police and Law Enforcement, has NOT been advanced to match the times. The Old West they had a badge, gun, and shackles. The Keystone Cops had police cars and billy clubs. The only new device given to Police and Law Enforcement has been the Tazer and those are Not allowed in all the US states. Give the Police and Law Enforcement new devices to stun, disorient, and subdue criminals so they can be apprehended without brute force and gunfights. Third, the criminals have become better organized, better armed, and are even becoming Radicalized by Terrorists and creating Domestic Terrorists groups. Give the Police and Law Enforcement more Advanced and Humane Devices to combat the ‘bad guys’.

3. You are pursuing deadend technologies that can never achieve a level that will make a significant impact or the ultimate goal. Solar and Wind technologies are such deadends. Electrical power can be generated without fuel, but no one wants you to see that these technologies exist already, and only need to be advanced more. Solar and Wind do not provide power 24-7-365. The following does. The advancement to photons as electricity allows the creation of directed energy devices, super magnets, fusion, and even anti-gravity which can lead to Light Speed Spaceships. The country that develops these technologies first will have an advantage over the others and become the most powerful country on Earth. Check them out.

4. Religion and the doctrines that are taught need to be advanced forward also. Many times you hear that Jews, Christians, and Muslims, are at war with each other, and often due to arguments on doctrine. These three major religions need to accept the fact, that the God of Abraham, is worshiped by all of them. Just because you call him by a different name, does not change this fact. Therefore we call him God-Allah-Yahweh, to show this fact. In every religion, there are Radicals that believe their religious leaders speak for God-Allah-Yahweh, when they do not. In the past, religious leaders were the authority that enforced God-Allah-Yahweh’s commandments and laws. They were also the only ones that could read and write, so they were supposed to teach the congregations, the Words of God-Allah-Yahweh, including his Prophecies and Mighty Actions. You have forgotten this.

5. You were supposed to advance yourselves, and learn everything you could. The ability to read and write used to be restricted to Nobility and Clergy. The United States of America created public schools to teach the general population to read, write, and learn basic math, science, and history. Public Libraries were created where people could advance themselves in many subjects, whatever they chose to pursue. This created an educated society that was the envy of the world. How many Americans and Permanent Residents can read and write now? How many know the basics of math, science, and history? How many use the Public Libraries anymore? How many visit the Museums and Historical sites? The Great United States of America, has lost its way, and its children are now programmed from their phones. The minds of our children are no longer developed by the system created by our forefathers, but by large corporations that control all the media that enters the minds of our children. The system of education needs to be returned to its original intent, not the polluting of young minds with radical and liberal programming. Advance yourselves and learn right from wrong.

The problems we face as a nation, and as a world, must be addressed soon.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.