EVIL Globalists.

EVIL Globalists. They want all governments under their common rule. They are pushing Terrorism, Open Borders, Drugs, Radical Islam, Radical Liberalism, Violent Political Gangs, Arming and Aiding Criminals, Disarming Law-Abiding Citizens, Using Migrants to Collapse Economic Systems, Using Schools to Indoctrinate Innocent children, and Using Propaganda to Perpetuate Lies and Deceptions to Stagnate Human Development. Are you able to see the TRUTH or are you one of the Programmed Populace?

The EVIL Globalists want the General Population to be Mindless Ignorant Programmed Followers who will never be able to Advance in Intelligence or Righteousness. They want you to remain like Primitive Animals easily appeased by simple desires and social interactions that can be Twisted into EVIL behavior without you even realizing that they are destroying you and making Heaven closed to you. God-Allah-Yahweh will NOT allow EVIL to enter Heaven. You will be Judged and those found Unworthy will be Punished and then Destroyed.

Many of you think that global warming that is manmade and it is not. The human population on Earth has increased from 2 billion to 6 billion in 50 years. The population is putting stresses on the world such as food, water, air, pollution, human waste, living space, power generation, material and Toy production, etc. The surface of the Earth has shifted and now the sun and moon rise and set in locations never seen before. Solar activity is about the same, but the magnetic field of the Earth is in fluctuation and it appears that the magnetic poles are beginning to shift. The magnetic field of Earth helps dissipate the solar radiation that reaches our surface. The increase of solar radiation reaching the Earth raises the global temperature and increases water evaporation which increases cloud formation and the strength of storms as well reduces some of the solar radiation. This a normal celestial event that we know occurs due to analysis of magnetic rock formations.

Here are some GIFs that show what they do not want you to realize.

You think they care about you and that this kind of behavior will bring you greater joy? If so, you are probably EVIL.

God-Allah-Yahweh taught us many things about good and evil and these things you should know and remember.

God-Allah-Yahweh Guide You Away From EVIL And Towards Righteousness.