Invalidate The Election?

Invalidate The Election? When voting machines and tabulating machines are updated, are they not supposed to be tested and re-certified? We are told that a ‘Patch’ or update was downloaded the night before or day of the election. We are told that Dominion Software and machines are used in 33 US States, and that some US Elections have already been overturned when the ‘software glitch’ is repaired. Re-certification is required prior to using the machines for an election. Where is the documentation that this was performed? There is none because it was not done. The votes, ballots, and tabulations, that were created or processed through these un-certified machines are now subject to not only review, but re-do, because every voter must now re-do their votes to assure their accuracy. If the wrongdoing can be placed upon one campaign or candidate, then the election can be called for the other, therefore avoiding a re-do, but with the size of the Election Tampering and Election Fraud, and the number of various elections it affects, a re-do may be required to guarantee a fair election.

The world knows that the 2020 US Elections are riddled with fraud and tampering. One campaign and the many US Media are claiming the US Presidential Election has been called and confirmed. This is not true and is entirely false. The counting is just finishing. There are some races too close requiring mandatory recount. There are various court cases about Voter Fraud and Election Tampering, as well as unauthorized updates-patches-certifications. The ‘computer glitch’, ‘patch’, ‘update’, is the most far reaching, and the proof that it has affected multiple elections is already proven. Every Voting Machine and Vote Tabulator, that received the ‘Update’, and was not re-certified prior to use, must have all its data tossed out or redone.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.