Idiots And Morons !!!

Idiots And Morons !!! You think you are smart and intelligent ? Think again. The World is in Lockdown for a virus that:

The World has seen less than 25 million cases and less than 1 million deaths, since the beginning of this pandemic. We see effective preventatives and treatments being denied to the general population, but used by the elite when they contract COVID-19. The suffering and deaths inside the United States of America, are due to greed, politics, and EVIL. Remember you have the ‘Right to Try’. We are also seeing the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, suing the FDA and HHS so HCQ and Zinc can be used in outpatients. Quercetin and Zinc is another combination that is reported to work. The wearing of masks for long periods of time can lead to serious infections and death, but you do not hear the healthcare professionals saying this. You can simply read the warning printed on the N-95 masks. The breathing in of harsh cleaning chemicals, can also cause many medical conditions.

In the past week, the World has seen a little more than 1 million cases and a little more than 33,000 deaths. The Common Flu is more infectious and more deadly, but we do not live in fear of it and shut down societies and economies. They say they are following science, but they are suppressing reports, studies, and information on effective preventatives and treatments. Why???

Why? Proving you are Idiots and Morons that can be easily manipulated by the EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals, that seek the Destruction of the United States of America, so they can create a One World Order, or New World Order, that shall keep you in a dark age of Ignorance, Hate, and Violence, making you EVIL also. Idiots and Morons !!!

You think that you are smart and intelligent ??? Think again !!! Tell me why the numbers make no sense? Tell me why the Common Flu infects 2.7 million per day and kills 8,200-10,900 per day, and does not shut down anything? Tell me why COVID-19 infects 143,000 per day and kills 4,750 per day, and shuts down the world? You are Idiots and Morons !!! You think a vaccine can be made that will work? Vaccines give you the virus, and make a certain percentage, carriers to infect others and create herd immunity. The Ebola Vaccine is an antibody cure, and that will be the most likely for COVID-19 too.

I also find you to be Idiots and Morons, when it comes to science and technology. You think you are advanced, yet you have failed to learn from theory and concepts. You appear to need actual models to copy and replicate. The only thing you seem good at, is reducing the size and cramming it all together. Can you understand these?

You must prove that you intelligent and can advance. You must also show that you can obey the simple laws-commandments of God-Allah-Yahweh so you can be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.