Science, The Data, And The Conclusions.

Science, The Data, And The Conclusions. Science is the analyzing of Data, by experimentation and observation, to prove or disprove theories and conclusions. There is a difference between science and propaganda. The Facts and Data, show the truth in Science, and propaganda seeks to twist it for their own purpose.

The COVID-19 Pandemic, is the latest science and propaganda battle. The data is not being told properly, so they can use it for propaganda, and justification of shutdowns and lockdowns. Here is the real data, and we break it down weekly, so you can see the truth.

The Data shows the threat is no where near what they claim. The COVID-19 virus is very real, but it is NOT as Contagious or Deadly as they claim. The World, which has a population of almost 8 billion people, saw 2,169,921 cases and 46,251 deaths this week, and 1,880,518 cases and 37,610 deaths last week. The United States, which has a population of 330 million people, saw 291,825 cases and 6,122 deaths this week, and 283,488 cases and 5,971 deaths last week. The southern hemisphere countries, many of which are considered third world countries, are not collapsing with huge numbers of cases and deaths, and they are in their flu season as well as this pandemic. The propaganda from the Healthcare Professionals must be propaganda, because the Facts and Data do NOT show what they are predicting. The prediction models that were used at first, were complete trash, and completely wrong. The World infection is .0035 and deaths are .00011. That is using a world population of 8 billion and 28,637,952 cases and 917,417 deaths. The common flu produces World infection .125 and death .00037.

The Science does not back up their claims, and if you look at the World data, the claims become even weaker. The infection rate is not what they claim. The mortality rate for 65 and older is high, but for 45 and under is almost zero. Antibiotics, antivirals, steroids, and combinations are highly effective at reducing mortality rates, but certain treatments are being shunned and this is causing higher numbers of hospitalizations and deaths. HCQ and Zinc, and Quercetin and Zinc, have stated preventative and treatment properties.

The next thing they claim with Science, is manmade global warming. The human population has increased from 2 billion to 8 billion in 50 years. The resources of food, water, air, shelter, and energy, are going up in demand as the population goes up. The actions of Humanity may be able to affect the atmosphere but not the core of the planet. We see increased earthquakes, volcanoes, severe weather, and even a small shift of the planet so far. The signs we are seeing, were once recorded long ago, by the residents of Atlantis. The last message to Humanity from extraterrestrials was the coming shift of the planet’s magnetic field. Science says that the magnetic field does shift, but when we were told this, they said it does not. Science did the same thing when we were told about the hole in the ozone, and about the Sun having a magnetic field. If manmade global warming existed, the solution would be fuelless power generation, that does not require solar or wind that are intermittent. Here is the solution:

The next step is slightly more complex, but with its development, we will be able to produce time and energy efficient star travel. Science fiction these are not. The manipulation of photons will allow us to create spacecraft that will act as photons and give us the speed of light or greater.

The systems created and explained by God-Allah-Yahweh and Heaven are highly complex, and the Religious Leaders have been twisting the teachings to maintain control of their followers. Angels and Chariots of Fire, Aliens and UFOs, Gods and their Flying Machines, Religion and Science do mix, if looked at through the proper lens. We are Children compared to them.

God-Allah-Yahweh and Heaven, and Extraterrestrials and UFOs, have been giving us messages for thousands of years, and they are coming true as stated right now. Science has now verified that the existence and knowledge given, are accurate and true. Science has further verified that life probably exists elsewhere in the universe. Water exists on the Moon and Mars. Bacteria exists on Venus. Planets are common and exist around most suns.

Science is failing US in many ways because EVIL has Infiltrated every aspect of our societies, and seeks to keep US Ignorant and unable to enter Heaven. Science is Not being used to Advance US, but to Control US. Our Children are like Drug Addicts with their Devices. They are Hooked on them, and Programmed by them. Take them away and watch the withdrawal signs. The Children are Not taught properly in school anymore, and Parents should speak with their Children, and see that they are not speaking the same language, because the Words mean something different to each. Science is being used to make our Children robots, not thinking for themselves. Being able to interact with your toys, does not make you able to create new toys. Advance beyond what already exists.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.