Still Many Questions.

Still Many Questions. Does Peter Strzok still work for the CIA and have his classification and security clearances? Does John Brennan still have his security clearance? Why was the Ukraine ambassador not recalled when President Trump recalled all Obama ambassadors? Have the 10-12 spies in the WhiteHouse been found and removed? Has the Ukrainian Government found the CrowdStrike DNC Server? Is US Attorney Durham and AG Barr looking into the Falsified statements by FBI and CIA that Russia hacked the DNC? Are there more FISA warrants on Trump Associates other than Carter Page? When will those who attempted a soft Coup against a US President be held accountable? When will those who attempted to Frame Russia and incite War against same, be held accountable? When will all these past issues looked into?

The World is in great turmoil and the predicted EndTimes have arrived.

God-Allah-Yahweh Protect And Guide Your Army Of The Righteous, And Curse And Destroy The Army Of EVIL And Their Leaders.