New Articles and Evidence.

New Articles and Evidence.

Trump Opens FIRE Against Sessions, Gives Him an Ultimatum That He Can’t Refuse

Busted: Central “Spygate” Lawyer/Lobbyist Adam Waldman Caught Lying to Senator Chuck Grassley…

Bulk of Clinton emails on Weiner’s laptop were never examined, findings were never reported (Update)


Mueller Cannot Have Credibility If He Ignores Hillary’s Crimes

The Missing Papadopoulos Meetings

Real Clear Investigations: James Comey Lied – Weiner Laptop Emails Never Reviewed…

AG Force Recuse Of Rosenstein And Mueller.

Advance, or Destroy Yourselves.

Truth, Evil’s Greatest Enemy.

Evil Ones Pushing Their Lies.

Do Your Research…

God Help All His Worthy Children, And Thwart The Plots Of The Evil Ones.